The Aubrey Hotel

Having just come off a plane from Paris, I had no idea what to expect from South American accommodations…As we know so well, hotel rooms in Europe are TINY (and this from a New Yorker! And you know we know small). By the time we got to Chile, all I knew was I wanted a good bed to rest in as we started our #onlyinsouthamerica grand tour of Chile.

At first I was so surprised – the exterior of The Aubrey Hotel looked German! How can this be? Come to find out from our Santiago Adventures tour guide, a couple of Australian men saved this building in Santiago from complete ruin from years of abandonment and turned it into one of the best boutique hotels I have ever experienced. The original facades, built in the 1920s for influential Chilean politicians and their families, have been kept and restored while the interiors have been brought up to modern times and modern luxury.

The fresh floral scent of the room, the spaciously designed but simple decor, the surprising pops of color in the art and textiles… it was a perfect balance. From hospitality to ambiance, location and room size – I never wanted to leave. Just scroll down to see what I mean…

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  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    what a unique and gorgeously designed hotel!
    loved following your south american adventures on instagram :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Tarragona IN

    What a beautiful hotel!!! Enjoy it

  • Photograph Afficionado

    Beautiful post, what an incredible looking place!

  • jaja, in south america me know how to use lots of space and we love it!

  • Those gold tea cups!! This hotel is so beautiful. I especially love the exterior and you’re right it does look rather German! x

  • Just lovely!

  • Gosh, what a gem of a place. Now I must visit it someday. Oh, and I just adore your entire outfit! Need it all…

  • I KNOW what you mean… The sun behind the trees, the flowers, the architecture that looks like modern ruins, the note from Mauricio, OMG the shower wall! I can spot a writer working on this desk, smoking and drinking wine! This is definitely a beautiful place, so modern but with traditional South American touches ♥ -F, your loyal Belgian admirateur

  • sablethena

    Well captured. Love your blog Ms. Ann