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One Night Only

For one night only

On that night, we celebrated Giorgio Armani and his special relationship with the city of New York – one that spans several years of creativity, economy, and philanthropy.

In addition to the exhibition Eccentrico, to celebrate this great fashion legend models graced the catwalk  wearing pieces from the Giorgio Armani Privé collections running from 2005 to present day, fashion in the utmost of glamour. Hosted at SuperPier, which had been partially custom-designed just for the event, the show was breathtaking and such an inspiring reminder of the talent we were honoring.

Giorgio Armani said, “A great show presenting my Haute Couture collections to the American public for the first time is my way of saying thank you. I’m looking forward to spending a memorable evening surrounded by the many friends I have made there over the years.”

And what a wonderful night it was…







@Armani‘s #OneNightOnlyNYC show and Eccentrico exhibition

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  • I started to tear up on this collection. Each piece was a dream on top of a dream on top of a dream…

  • Isabel Martínez Valcárcel

    Amazing collection and perfect images… I love this post.

  • raggiante

    The red dress is my favorite, if I owned it I woudn’t know what to do with it anyway, but it is gorgeous!
    Perfect reportage!

  • Simply stunning!

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    gasp! so incredibly stunning.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Perfection!

  • ronnycakes

    Your photos are awesome! Just wanted to tell you that :)

  • kundai

    what is the name of the last collection he did? the one with the peach fur coat and all the one after, i just love that collection and lovely photos simply stunning