Our second day of a journey to be found #onlyinsouthamerica

We arrived at the colorful shipping port town of Valparaiso. My first impression – it looks like San Francisco!… and my second impression – it feels like San Francisco! (up. down. up. down.) The colors I had fallen in love with from my first Chile experience in the city of Santiago really came to life in Valparaiso…gardens bursting with flowers, painted stucco walls, colorful stairs up the steep city climbs, bright and detailed murals and historic, vibrant buildings. It was here in Valparaiso I had my first Pisco Sour. I had received email warnings about how their tasty appeal can get you in trouble…but it was just the kind of trouble I was looking for in Chile. After cocktails on the terrace of our hotel, we ended our one night in Valparaiso at the #1 voted restaurant outside of Santiago – Restaurant Alegre. This was Kevin’s favorite meal of the trip. I can’t even begin to describe the modern and surprising flavors this 29 year old wünder-chef created for us. It’s one of those things you just have to taste to understand… and then melt into a puddle on the floor. Oh, and he ended the meal with a dessert tree. I mean… bravo Valparaiso 

Many of my friends recommended Pasta e Vino Ristorante which I hope to one day try!

First and certainly not the last Pisco Sour. See our travel companion’s recipe for it here!

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