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Giorgio Armani’s Eccentrico

Eccentrico… an exhibit of the unbelievable clothes and accessories of Giorgio Armani, but more than that, it is a voyage through his imagination, through the mind which designed all of these stunning creations before us.

The exhibition features a selection of pieces from the Giorgio Armani and Giorgio Armani Privé collections, including jewelry, shoes, fragrances, and other beautifully crafted accessories. Having traveled to Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Rome, Eccentrico now finds its home in New York, a city which Armani is excited to return to after a four year absence, saying, “I like America and the American people. Whenever I return, they show their admiration and affection toward me with incredible enthusiasm…this comforts and reassure me. It encourages me to continue working with fantasy and commitment.” The exhibition will be open to the public October 25th to 27th from 10 am to 8 pm.

As we walked through the exhibition during #onenightonlynyc, I was amazed by how Armani celebrates the artistic shape of women while allowing them to become fantastical pieces of art themselves…it’s no wonder that on his return to New York City, this is the story Giorgio Armani wishes to tell.

Come join us on the journey into Armani’s fashion fantasy…


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Casablanca Valley

So vino a Chile y no toms vino a que vino ~ If you came to Chile and you didn’t have wine, why did you come to Chile

Part of our #onlyinsouthamerica tour of Chile was to show us the different landscapes this country has to offer. Considering Chile has nearly 4,000 miles of coast, covers a range of heights from sea level to 22,615 feet, and, from tip to tip, goes from tropics to near the Antarctic Circle, it is a place that holds all types of geological systems. The Casablanca Valley just outside Santiago felt just like visiting Napa Valley on our honeymoon…the beautiful tall Italian cypress trees lining hill tops and long driveways, the scenic vistas with avocado, olive, and grape plantations  out the window of our vehicle as we made our way to tour two Chilean wineries: Kingston & Casa Marin where we had lunch at the top of the vineyard hill with the Pacific Ocean just off the horizon line.

Kingston Winery~

From gold-hunting to cattle farming, the Kingston family has been in the Casablanca Valley for over 100 years. Surprisingly, their now award-winning winery is their newest venture. Started in the 1990s with a daring new business plan – growing cool-climate red grapes in a region known for white wines – their vineyard became known for creating some of the “best pinots in Chile”. Cows still graze in the fields, and gold is still buried underground…but dreams came true through grapevines.

After we took our tour of this intimate, quaint, quiet, and breathtakingly beautiful winery we went to their porch overlooking the vineyard and sampled the award winning wines with some local cheeses and their homemade olive oil which was SO GOOD I had to bring some back with me!


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The Aubrey Hotel

Having just come off a plane from Paris, I had no idea what to expect from South American accommodations…As we know so well, hotel rooms in Europe are TINY (and this from a New Yorker! And you know we know small). By the time we got to Chile, all I knew was I wanted a good bed to rest in as we started our #onlyinsouthamerica grand tour of Chile.

At first I was so surprised – the exterior of The Aubrey Hotel looked German! How can this be? Come to find out from our Santiago Adventures tour guide, a couple of Australian men saved this building in Santiago from complete ruin from years of abandonment and turned it into one of the best boutique hotels I have ever experienced. The original facades, built in the 1920s for influential Chilean politicians and their families, have been kept and restored while the interiors have been brought up to modern times and modern luxury.

The fresh floral scent of the room, the spaciously designed but simple decor, the surprising pops of color in the art and textiles… it was a perfect balance. From hospitality to ambiance, location and room size – I never wanted to leave. Just scroll down to see what I mean…


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Sunrise on South America

Quotes throughout from Pablo Neruda

My whole life I have dreamed of going to South America. I think it had to do something with the million times I watched this movie as a little girl dreaming of adventure. LAN Airlines are the kings of the South American skies, and they wanted to take us around Chile to discover new things to be found #onlyinsouthamerica with them. The first stop: Santiago! I was expecting color and I was so pleased when I got it. Murals painted all up and down the street, some with the words of their Nobel Peace Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda and other times just beautiful birds or majestic headpieces and my favorite – romantic rusted iron roses crawling up the sides of buildings.  We stayed in the Bohemian quarter of Santiago – Bellavista – where on a walk about we saw many beautiful cafés, artisanal shops, and toured the famous poet’s unique city dwelling, one of my FAVORITE activities of the entire trip.

The first thing I found quite surprising was the quality of food. The food found only in South America was phenomenal. I don’t know if it has changed since decades past or if this is just the best kept secret…or if I’m just a sheltered American. For lunch we had tapas with local Chilean wine pairings at Bocanariz meaning, appropriately, nose and mouth. Dinner was at Europeo in a neighborhood I called the Beverly Hills of Santiago with drive-thru Hermes shopping and Bentley lots. Europeo was unlike any dining experience I have yet to have, with a tasting menu by 2013 chef of the year Francisco Mandiola of single-serve plates that look more like works of art than mere nourishment. Afterwards when the chef came out to greet us he explained about our favorite dish (two little mushroom raviolis in sauce in a small glass bubble) that he wanted it to be like a little aquarium – the broth is the water, the raviolis are the fishes!

The afternoon was spent exploring historic Santiago from the Gabriel Mistral Centro Cultural, Plaza de Armas to the Palacio Moneda and on our final morning (day 2) we explored the fascinating and culturally rich Vega Central food market. This place was so big I felt like you could have fit all of Manhattan in it! The colors, the exotic fruits, the gorgeous seasonal produce, the man sharping a knife in the middle of the aisle with a machine as old as the city…this was the adventure I was looking for….

Take a look at my first steps in South America~

“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”

~ Pablo Neruda



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