Seeing New York

As a photographer I show you the world through my lens on a daily basis. We all look at New York, she demands our focused attention. I’ve been thinking about the art of looking. The importance of focusing and what we see. This past March I bought a pair of Giorgio Armani frames in Geneva, classic per usual, and I decided to put them in front of the frame. To see what I see.

To show you a day in New York through my lens


 Giorgio Armani’s #FramesOfYou / my Giorgio Armani frames 

OTHER Armani beauties

55 thoughts on “Seeing New York

  1. New York is my real passion. I’ve lived in the city, during just 3 months, to study filmmaking and it was enough to fall in love completely.
    I access your blog everyday to remenber the city and get inspired to my work.
    Keep doing this! 🙂

  2. Really Nice as always !!
    My only complaint is that right now your every post are about advertisement : the armani glasses, the Ralph Laurent trip to Paris the last trip to ….south america
    It s always something you are paid for
    So i m a little bit sad thinking at this time where you shared pictures just for pleasure ….

    1. I was not paid for any of the Ralph Lauren content in Paris, nor were we paid to go to South America. I’m sorry if you misinterpreted. We try to make the most beautiful content we can as artist and take opportunities to tell new stories such as with traveling when wonderful invitations to events like the RL gala are extended. I try to be very grateful to the brands that all us to explore the world and grow as we see and document new experiences and share it here so others may experience it with us. It is so much work to share these stories here and your comment is very disheartening for the all the time I put into those posts because I loved the stories and thought people would too, not because I was paid to do so.

  3. How are you two so amazing?!?! Jamie and Kevin, you imagines and cinemagraphs never fail to blow my mind. Literally, the way you imagine images and create cinemagraphs inspire me to expand my imagination and broaden my idea of what is possible.
    It is obvious you LOVE your craft and what a blessing that it also happens to be your job! Go on and keep inspiring the world!

    So thankful for your work,

  4. I have to say from one photographer to another, that I truly fell deeply into this selection of images. They made me smile, pause, engage, love, and put my hand on my heart. I adore the moments in my life that these moments you have captured remind me of. Thank you!

    – Hannah

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