The Lincoln Job

A romantic date turns into a con when our lady in red steals the plans and coordinates to our young hero’s newly designed car…but can she really pull the wool over his eyes? Find out inย The Lincoln Job

ย ย 

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  • Tarragona IN

    I like it. The binoculars are great! I want one of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • melanie

    Awwwwwwesome, guys! And what fun to shoot such a story!!

  • You guys are amazing. You knock every single project you take on out of the park :) Fantastic work!

  • So beautiful pictures and great video! She looks perfect! So much glamour! Love it!


  • TheNewDiplomatsWife

    love – we got to be part of their testing program and it’s amazing what they’ve done to think about the car in a different way, so fun to see that they’re changing up how they think about their marketing creatively as well. congrats!

  • Love it! Very beautiful and funny! At first I thought this was you! :)

  • Those pictures are stunning!! And those shoes!!!

  • Josh

    tastefully done! good job

  • AAAAH!!!! This is amazing!!! SO SLEEEEEK!! Well done!!!

  • Leith Mahoney-Maver

    Gorgeous shots! Thank you for sharing! And now I’m off to buy a red coat and nude pumps… – Leith

  • love the red/nude outfit of the girl!!

  • Merri Strand

    What a hunky guy!

  • Caitlyn Searles

    Obsessed with this… yet another iconic project from the dream team! :)

  • Steve

    What a dork! What happened 2 his head? Looks flat as a countertop

  • ChervelleCamille

    Amazing!!! So classic and tasteful! Great work you guys!!!

  • Wooooooooow! I love EVERYTHING about this video! The way it’s been filmed, the actors, the styling, the music, the plot, the perfect dose of humor… ๐Ÿ˜€ Great job you both! -F, your Belgian admirateur

  • I usually hate car commercials but you made me watch until the end! Such a great story :) loved how you guys filmed this