Five Golden Rings…

I remember as a child believing in the magic of Christmas, the workshop of wonder hidden away up north where anything you could dream of was possible, the jolly bearded man with rose-colored cheeks and a boisterous laugh who was there thinking of you and your special gift that would be just perfect.┬áNow I’m all grown up and although Santa does not magically bring me diamond tiaras (yes, that happened) the magic of Christmas wishing is not lost. Sometimes in my fantasies I dream of delicate little items, future heirlooms for unnamed children, and they float under a glass jar, so close but you can’t touch it… all you can do is hint, hint, hint and hope that someone you love is nearby to lift the glass and pick your perfect gift.

This #hintingseason I’m dreaming of something that will last forever, a piece of LoveGold jewelry that can come with a story, one filled with White Christmas mornings and cuddled fireside nights…

What are you hoping for this Christmas?

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5 Golden Rings from top to bottom: Hoorsenbuhs, Ippolita, Pamela Love, Janis Savitt and Elena Votsi

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  • Such a magical reminder and perfect for this time of year! Hope you get your Christmas wish! <3

  • karina

    Just perfect.

  • Unbelievably magical! Even one step further than the cinemagraphs? xx

  • Christy

    I sure do hope this post is a shout out to the crazy singing ladies on the harbor boat cruise! Was lovely to meet you. I’m a big fan of your blog and photography! You live an envious life darling!

  • such a magical post! i am hoping for a new camera for christmas, to allow me to capture life’s quiet little moments.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}