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A Travel Backpack for the Classic at Heart


If you’ve been following along on Instagram (sorry about it) you know we’ve been on another epic South American adventure, this time to glorious Brazil!  We travel all the time, currently at 10 weeks straight at airports!, so I’m always looking for better ways to streamline, simplify and carry my necessities in the most comfortable & stylish way.

I found this vintage Hermes backpack, which is such a far cry from the JanSports we all carried in elementary school, from a vintage online luxury retailer LXR & Co. which is now my globe-trotting best friend. I’m guessing the quality and craftsmanship will hold up better than my last travel backpack


What’s in my bag:

  • The Leica M which I’m loving for travel, as it is lightweight & more compact than DSLRs
  • Michael Kors Double Wrap Leather Watch I wear a wrist watch set to the local time I have traveled to and keep my iPhone on NY time so that I can stay in touch on email and post to social channels in appropriate real time
  • A Peace Treaty silk scarf  a scarf is an easy thing to throw on and dress up your look from day to night if you don’t have time to go back to the hotel. I also spray my scarf with perfume as an extra layer of refreshing the way you feel  
  • Hermes Passport Wallet when I’m not carrying my Coach Travel Wallet which I use as a master catch all of airplane tickets, money, itinerary, coins, and transportation tickets, this Hermes is simple and indiscreet.
  • Ralph Lauren Gentleman’s Card Case I like to keep my wallet as slim, simple, and lightweight as possible so that I may slip it in a pocket and go for times I don’t need to take everything with me.
  • Steven Alan Monroe Sunglasses for the sun and for the travel days you don’t wear makeup.
  • Of a Kind Nude iPhone Wallet I use the little pockets to hold business cards!
  • Silver Travel Pill Case I bought recently from a shop window on Royal Street in New Orleans because nobody has time for a headache when you’re looking at beauty like this… 

 *Plaid alpaca throw and sheepskin rug are from our adventures through Chile’s Patagonia


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We’re Going to Miami


Baby, it’s cold outside! Let’s reminisce about warmer days, shall we…

This past December, Kevin and I popped down to Miami’s Art Basel to see what is new in the contemporary art scene. As you know we have been stopping into artist’s studios here in New York, so it was fun to see their work out of the studio, out where the public could see it and in some cases even touch it.

Aside from the main event, we also stopped into NADA where I fell in love with this artist, then on to an art drive-through complete with roller skating girls, played some FAILE video games with the guys,  and fell in love with Tracey Emin’s work at MOCA.

At the end of each day we’d head back to the historic Biltmore Hotel, where I’d fall asleep every night dreaming of distant jazz-age lawn parties that used to fill the grounds…

Miami_03 Miami_04 Miami_05 Miami_06 Miami_07


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Soniat House


When we were planning our travels to New Orleans to shoot our latest inspiring woman, Christina Graci, I knew I wanted to stay someplace magical, a true “N’awlins” gem: and I found it in the French Quarter’s Soniat House.

We fell in love with the warm Southern charm, the friendly hotel cat, and of course the amazing breakfasts. Now, you go down south for the music and the cocktails, but the food was the shining star of this trip.

We loved the classic French Quarter fare of Marti’s and the modern casual elegance of Lilette in the beautiful Garden District’s Magazine Street. If we are talking about simple pleasures, a cocktail (or two or three) at Bouligny Tavern is the perfect way to end the day in the Big Easy. And you know… I can never come to New Orleans without always stopping in for a few of these….

All of this is barely scratching the surface of all this great American city has to offer…New Orleans, I’ll be back for you…

SoniatHouse_02 SoniatHouse_03 SoniatHouse_04


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Christina’s Guide to New Orleans

Yesterday we heard all about the life of our Southern muse, Christina Graci…and today we get insider knowledge about all her favorite New Orleans hot spots! A city so full of culture, life, music, color, food and amazing shopping, it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing cities in America. So here’s the scoop!


Above & Below~ Christina is wearing a vintage dress from an estate sale, shoes by Roger Vivier, vintage tassel earrings, a vintage ocelot leopard belt, and HopeConfidence, and Stability Charms by Pandora Jewelry.


New Orleans Museum of Art

“Museums are my favorite places to go alone or with my brother, Chad.  I am fascinated with history and culture so I truly find visiting the museum enlightening and so peaceful.  The architecture of NOMA is beautiful too.  It is located in City Park and has great exhibits.  What more could you ask for?!”




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