Family Matters


This summer the most amazing thing happened to me…I became an Aunt for the first time to the most beautiful baby twins: a boy named Ethan and a girl called Emma. It’s been an interesting experience. At first I wasn’t sure how these two little peanuts could ever survive; they looked so fragile, so new to the world. But they did. Now 5 months later they can laugh and smile, they are trying baby food for the first time, and their little personalities are shining through. I can’t believe how fast they grow. I keep waiting for them to stop, but everyday there is something new, making me realize how fast time flies. It feels like we are riding on the highway of life and I have the two most beautiful passengers in the world.

Hope your holidays were wrapped in love…

FamilyMatters__03 FamilyMatters__04



FamilyMatters__05    FamilyMatters__07 FamilyMatters__08 FamilyMatters__09 FamilyMatters__10 FamilyMatters__11 FamilyMatters__12

Sheer joy


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  • How beautiful are these photos! Congratulations again on becoming an aunt Jamie!

  • Katharine Anne

    Absolutely wonderful, Jamie. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing, auntie! – Kat/ TKoW

  • How magical. Close friends of ours are expecting twins this coming May and I am just so thrilled for them. My husband and I are still in that phase of life where the thought of having our own children freaks us out, haha! We both adore kids and when I look at my husband and think about him as a father, my heart melts. But then all those real life worries (where to raise them, what school to send them to, what food to give them, etc) begin to creep up.

  • AV

    Oh my god, they are the cutest! Congratulations to your family and to your new “aunthood”! :) Family is always the most important!


  • Just precious! Congratulations, Aunt Jamie! :)

  • How lovely! Congratulations to you and the parents! I knew when I saw the instagram I was so excited to see what you would share with us. Twins that’s even more special :) x

  • what precious photos. congratulations to you and the parents of the beautiful twins.

  • rebecca

    ,,,congratulations! Emma and Ethan are beautiful! and YES…they will grow, grow, grow UP too soon! cheers to a brilliant 2014! the world just got a little bit sweeter with their birth.,,,

  • Photos of newborn babies are so touching!And these are so lovely..

  • UrbanJungleFashion

    Congrats to be an Aunt!!!!