Tierra Patagonia Hotel

Patagonia Cinemagraph

As you drive up to the Tierra Patagonia Hotel, your first impression is unlike any other resort experience. The hotel looms, skeletal and prehistoric looking, like a fossil slowly coming back to life half buried into the curvature of the earth. As you draw closer, however, you realize how remarkable the building is – constructed almost entirely from native lenga wood, the curves of the building allow for seamless blending from one room to the next while providing extraordinary views of Torres del Paine National Park through floor-to-ceiling windows.

What a dream to be here amid the warmth and hospitality of the hotel and yet feel as though you are a part of the glorious natural landscape occurring just outside…a dream that can be found #onlyinsouthamerica



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  1. it’s official… patagonia has moved up to my #1 must-see destination.. and i’ll definitely be staying at the tierra patagonia hotel! all your pictures have been so beautiful! thank you for sharing!

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