“Photograph” a poem by Allan Andre


One of the most amazing things about living in New York is the world of unknown possibility  that awaits outside your doorstep. You never know what you may find on a walk to a cafe, or what adventure awaits by taking a different commute home. You never know who you’re going to run into on Houston and Elizabeth st or what new thing you’ll discover by just being out in the world of Manhattan. I was running errands, walking through Union Square from Fishs Eddy to The Strand when I saw a darling man alone with his typewriter, very lost in thought. He asked me for a word, something with meaning, so I said “Photograph“, and this is what he wrote for me on that crisp fall day…


 a favorite photograph, 

                            to be shared again and again.

the light,   the texture,

                     give it strength.

  where is the eye?

             the shattered remnant of a

        perfect seeing, 

                                the ghost of a life well lived.

 the angles, the framing,

         give it context.

                 where is the absence?

  who has witnessed

               such a heart-rending deficit,

                                  such a need,

            an urgency to possess?

                               where is the photograph?

does anyone imagine

                               they are less than sacred?

           touch it up, then;

                                 show what you can.




– allan andre


11 thoughts on ““Photograph” a poem by Allan Andre

  1. “the ghost of life well lived.” this is beautiful. I actually have been dabbling a bit in poetry as one of my best friends from graduate school did a masters in creative writing x poetry. Will forward this to her 🙂 x

  2. ‘the shattered remnant of a perfect seeing’… how haunting is that?

    This makes me so very excited for photography and my month in New York in April. I’ve been to the city so many times but to experience all of those little tid bits of a daily commute and the little possibilities you describe can’t be experienced anywhere that is any less diverse and a beautiful mess as New York City.

    Also, the photo that goes along with this post is just so utterly romantic… *sigh*

      1. Thank you so much Jamie!! I’m so looking forward to it!

        I was wondering if you got my email… I know you must be so busy between your recent travels and the craziness of NYFW that is about to embark, but just wanted to make sure you had received it! <3

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