Carolina Herrera


Carolina Herrera 

Though the runway was filled with geometric shapes, funky prints, and fez-like headpieces, the feel was still of simple opulence. Fur-lined sleeves and delicate beaded embellishments took certain pieces to a whole new level of luxury. Carolina always has this amazing way of bringing classic, ladylike silhouettes into our modern day world. With this collection, which I loved so much, I felt as if I was transported into the world of a film heroine, a glamorous adventure where we ride in convertibles in Monaco and take private planes from work in Manhattan to our country estates…

Carolina_Herrera_03 Carolina_Herrera_04 Carolina_Herrera_05 Carolina_Herrera_06 Carolina_Herrera_07

Carolina_Herrera_08 Carolina_Herrera_09 Carolina_Herrera_10 Carolina_Herrera_11 Carolina_Herrera_12 Carolina_Herrera_13 Carolina_Herrera_14  Carolina_Herrera_16 Carolina_Herrera_17 Carolina_Herrera_18 Carolina_Herrera_19 Carolina_Herrera_20 Carolina_Herrera_21 Carolina_Herrera_22 Carolina_Herrera_23 Carolina_Herrera_24 Carolina_Herrera_25 Carolina_Herrera_26

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