Backstage at Ralph Lauren

RalphLauren_Backstage_02Shooting backstage is quite the interesting experience. I mostly try to stay out of the way of the photographers with their large flashes, cords and assistants who are always reaching for the models, calling them by name, fighting other photographers over space. Instead I look for quiet moments, beautiful moments, something in-between. I try to see what is intimate… a thought, a glance, a gaze. I always hope to see the beauty not only in the clothing, especially when you are talking about Ralph Lauren, but also the beauty in the person I’m photographing. This collection in its simplicity and understated color palette was a true look at luxury textiles and in confidence, which made it wonderfully amazing to study the collection up close and with more ease than in the brief shining moment we get on the runway.  RalphLauren_Backstage_03 RalphLauren_Backstage_04 RalphLauren_Backstage_05 RalphLauren_Backstage_06 RalphLauren_Backstage_07 RalphLauren_Backstage_08

RalphLauren_Backstage_09 RalphLauren_Backstage_10 RalphLauren_Backstage_11 RalphLauren_Backstage_12 RalphLauren_Backstage_13 RalphLauren_Backstage_14 RalphLauren_Backstage_15 RalphLauren_Backstage_16 RalphLauren_Backstage_17 RalphLauren_Backstage_18 RalphLauren_Backstage_19 RalphLauren_Backstage_20 RalphLauren_Backstage_21 RalphLauren_Backstage_22 RalphLauren_Backstage_23 RalphLauren_Backstage_24 RalphLauren_Backstage_25  RalphLauren_Backstage_27  RalphLauren_Backstage_29 RalphLauren_Backstage_30 RalphLauren_Backstage_31 RalphLauren_Backstage_32 RalphLauren_Backstage_33 RalphLauren_Backstage_34 RalphLauren_Backstage_35 RalphLauren_Backstage_36  RalphLauren_Backstage_38 RalphLauren_Backstage_39 RalphLauren_Backstage_40

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  1. Whether your back stage or in the front row, I think you always showcase the best perspective of these moments, Jamie. I’m sure it was a madhouse when you were photographing these photos; however, they have this serene moment.

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