The Tintype Man


I’ve been really interested in alternative processes in photography recently. A few weekends ago I took a workshop on carbon printing at the Penumbra Foundation in midtown Manhattan. I have to say, if you are at all interested in learning about old photography processes such a tintypes, glass plate negatives, platinum printing and a whole history of photography more then this place is incredible. (PS- the lab on street level is where I take all my film for processing! Tell them I sent you. I’ve been going there since college!)

So you can imagine my excitement when I was down in Texas with Squarespace and learned they had commissioned Portland-based photographer Giles Clement to make tintypes of all the performing musicians. These small one of a kind artifacts are a labor of love and it’s true magic to behold in the development process. What starts out as a ghostly blue fog on a sheet of black metal slowly develops into a beautiful and quite striking portrait. I’m so in love with how this process seems to capture the soul of its sitter and admire Giles for creating this exquisite collection… Giles, sorry if I was a creepy fan girl stalking you all day!

See all the musicians’ tintype portraits from the Heartbreaker Banquet here.

Want to have your own tintype portrait made? You can stop by the tintype portrait studio in Manhattan!

Giles_Clement_03 Giles_Clement_04 Giles_Clement_05

Giles_Clement_06 Giles_Clement_07 Giles_Clement_08    Giles_Clement_10 Giles_Clement_11 Giles_Clement_12 Giles_Clement_13 Giles_Clement_14

Love photography? Here is a sweet poem on it, a post on shooting and printing, and seeing the IMPOSSIBLE.

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  • I adore Giles and have been absolutely fascinated by tintypes for years! It would be amazing if they created some kind of workshop someday. We were fortunate enough to be photographed by him and visit his studio:

  • mywhiteT

    That is truly amazing to know that we can learn how to photograph pictures with old cameras and the process of it.

  • Just love!

  • Super cool. Just checked out Giles’ site. Must take incredible diligence and patience to use film, much more tintype!

    Funny that YOU were the creepy fan stalker for once!

    Sound of Chic
    Classic style set to an indie soundtrack

  • theweekendbook

    Such a beautiful way to preserve history and participate in it. And very cool results too!!