It’s that time of year, where were we all desperately want 60 degree days and to see the color green again fill our parks… but alas, here we are, soon the snow will begin falling quietly outside. The mother of a friend taught me something new recently that I have been trying to live by since my recent transformation: “Make it fun”. We all get stuck in situations that are not ideal (like winter) and instead of being negative about it, find a way to make it fun!

A couple of weekends ago Kevin used HowAboutWe for Couples to turn these last few winter days into a fun memory of the season with a romantic snow-covered mountain horseback ride! I’m beside myself with excitement waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones to begin so it was quite fun being a couple hours outside the city in complete silence pretending I was Khaleesi. You know I love horseback riding…I love seeing the world from a slightly higher perspective, watching winter’s angular shadows dance by as if they were the ballerina legs of nature.


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After our ride we enjoyed wine tasting at a local vineyard which also makes Doc’s Hard Cider. Sitting by a roaring fire, overlooking the beauty of a dormant vineyard’s hills knowing they will soon burst with color and fruit, we sipped on cider, listened to the live band play and cuddled away another winter day full of the warmth of love…

HowAboutWe_11 HowAboutWe_12

What can I say, just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to stop dating! We’ve had such fun on our two previous dates, and our friends at HowAboutWe are offering people in relationships $50 OFF any date in their collection (GUYS, ARE YOU LISTENING?) by clicking here. And for those of you looking for that special someone, you can click here to get 25% off their site for singles. Obvi you need to become a member, but a member of love?… sign me up. Xx

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