Bombshell Beauty


We had the privilege of working with some incredible artists on this shoot – not only Maggie herself, a talented and beautiful actress, but also Justin Woods, our hairstylist, and Ashlee Glazer, our makeup artist. They were kind enough to share their techniques so that you and I can get this bombshell beauty look…

How to get that “mack on me” makeup…


Ashlee took two eyeliners – MAC Teddy and MAC Coffee – and rubbed them all around the inner upper and lower water line and on the lid in a cat eye shape.


Ashlee blended the pencils together, creating a smooth, sexy shape that follows natural bone structure. Next, she used the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage palette, brushing the dark brown on first and closest to the lash line. She buffed up with the medium brown all the way into the crease, fanning out by the brow bone.


Taking the bronze color from the same palette and using the NARS #14 brush – “it’s like a pencil smudge brush” – Ashlee rubbed underneath the eye along the lower lash line, following the shape of the eye and eventually angling upward to meet the “V” of the cats-eye.


A spread of tools for making beauty!


Ashlee then used Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner – “it’s my personal favorite!” to create the dark cats-eye line.


Ashlee filled in Maggie’s brows with MAC Cork Eyeshadow and Benefit Gimme Brow in light/medium. This was to match Maggie’s gorgeous red hair, so use the colors that best match yours!


For maximum drama, Ashlee applied a full strip of fake lashes and added YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils, but if you don’t have fake lashes sitting around at home, a similar look can be achieved by curling your eyelashes and using two coats of a volumizing mascara.

MakeupTutorial_10 MakeupTutorial_11

For glowing skin, Ashlee used Estée Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer as a base. She then used her beauty blender to apply Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick in Alabaster under Maggie’s eyes, right at the top of her cheekbones, to create a spotlight effect. To warm up the skin, Ashlee used MAC Face & Body foundation to sheerly buff out any lines.

MakeupTutorial_12 MakeupTutorial_13 MakeupTutorial_14

With a darker concealer, Ashlee traced out under the cheekbones and along the sides of Maggie’s nose to bring out her bone structure. She used a matte bronzer – Tarte Park Avenue Princess – to sculpt, and a fan brush to apply it, since that helps chisel the cheek. She added Stila Rose Cream convertible color and then Tom Ford Frantic Pink for a bit of a rosy glow.

MakeupTutorial_15 MakeupTutorial_16

On Maggie’s lips, Ashlee started with a flesh tone lipstick. She lightened it up with the Anastasia Soft Brow pencil in grayish taupe, and then added MAC pale yellow pencil in the center of the lip and blended it in.

How to get the hair…


First, Justin used Kerastase Ciment Thermique which acts as a thermal protector and base for the hair. It has a repair quality to it, so it’s great for anyone with fine or damaged hair who’s doing a lot of heat styling (which is why he always uses it on models!) The product also has a man-made protein that goes in and fixes broken hair.

Next, he used Kerastase Mousse Bouffante. It’s a thickening mousse and adds grit and meatiness to the hair, pumping it up with collagen and vitamin E.


To get it ready for heat styling, he rough dried Maggie’s hair with a flat brush, working through the hair to keep it from being too worked up from the mousse.


Above, Ashlee and Justin working their magic hand in hand!

He created a deep side part, and then separated out the front and back portions to prep for styling.


Spraying each section with Kerastase Spray À Porter helps fine hair hold curl…as Justin put it, “It gives a lot of memory to fine hair.” He curled starting at the base to give as much volume as possible to the hair.




After each curl was pinned in place, he lightly sprayed it with Kerastase Laque Dentelle, a flexible hold hairspray.


Justin curled by section, and then let it set a few minutes (he said generally 10 to 15) or until the curls cooled. When he removed the pins, he started at the nape with the first curl he put in and went in order from there.


When removing each curl, he backcombed or teased at the root of each section, two or three inches out, to provide a sexy, messy feel and to add volume back into the hair.


Once all the curls were out, he smoothed the perimeter of Maggie’s hair and sprayed again with hairspray.


Va va voom!

Modeled by Maggie Geha // Makeup by Ashlee Glazer // Hair by Justin Woods for Kérastase // Shot at Ann Street Studio

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  1. oh my goodness Jamie she is beautiful (even without the makeup and hair). I LOVE that you documented this part of the shoot too. And I wish it wouldn’t look too awkward for me to ask for her hair on my head? xx

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