Travel Video

Cumberland Island in 15 Seconds

Miles of empty beaches, wild horses , a dream home and dewy air… this is Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Paris in 15 seconds / Patagonia in 15 seconds / Atacama in 15 seconds / Brazil City in 15 seconds

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  • beautiful.

  • You guys really do the best videos I’ve seen. So perfect! I love them.

  • theglamourai


  • Perfect! What an enchanting series on this amazing place! Can’t believe that we live just a couple of hours away here in Savannah and haven’t made it down there yet…absolutely must go this year!

    • Yes! So glad you saw how it came out :)

      • Oh! Before I forget (again!)…Colleton River Plantation in Bluffton, SC and Jekyll Island, GA were the other two locations for Bagger Vance! :)

        • OMG! Amazing!! Thanks for figuring it out!!

  • This looks so dreamy. I totally wish I could be there right now (and the music for this video… :)).

  • It’s all about your timing…which in itself is exquisite!

  • Perfect combination of images and music!! Your videos are such an inspiration for myself!!

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