Monkey Love

One of the coolest unexpected experiences of the Amazon and our stay at Juma Lodge was meeting these guys. While touring the resort, the guide told us that two monkeys lived in the area, and when they jump on you, it’s important to not be startled, to stay calm and not scream because you wouldn’t want to frighten the monkey. They also told us to keep our doors locked whenever we left the rooms, because the monkeys liked to ‘help themselves’ to your belongings and make a huge mess of it. He also warned that if we hear a “knock” on our door to not open it all the way, to crack it first and make sure it’s not a monkey trying to get in. We all chatted in excitement about all these little tips over dinner and tucked ourselves in for the night hoping we would get to see one of these little guys the next day.

Well… see these monkeys we did. Around 6:30 am the knocks on the door started coming! Just as the guide had warned us, it was monkey time. Up and down the resort they went, waking everybody up. They crawled on us, they cuddled in our arms, they swung from our bodies with their tails, they napped on us in hammocks, and they stole the limes from our cocktails. It was amazing. I’ll never forget napping in the hammock, hearing the pitter-patter of little monkey feet coming and then seeing his head popping over the hammock edge…and in he came to  join me. It was a blast.

Monkey love – The female monkey was absolutely 100% head-over-heels in love with our travel companion Zach. Any time he was outside his room she was in his arms. As the trip progressed, the deeper she felt and even started swatting Kelly away to keep him all to herself! He couldn’t move without her attached to him and if he was in his room she’d knock and try the door knob repeatedly!

I love when life gives you these memories you can never plan for, an experience you didn’t know was possible. Such an adventure… just monkeying around.

Monkey_Love_003 Monkey_Love_004 Monkey_Love_005

Monkey_Love_006 Monkey_Love_007 Monkey_Love_008 Monkey_Love_009 Monkey_Love_010 Monkey_Love_011 Monkey_Love_012 Monkey_Love_013 Monkey_Love_014    Monkey_Love_016 Monkey_Love_017 Monkey_Love_018 Monkey_Love_019


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  • so adorable it hurts.
    the little female in love with your friend…lol.

  • Mandy Stewart

    That’s amazing! Love!

  • Alana

    This makes me so happy!

  • ygriega

    so precious!

  • Dalia

    So funny! That female monkey had a huge crush on your friend.


  • Alex

    so cute faces!!! who is that handsome blonde man?is he a model?

  • Ana

    These photos are amazing. Monkeys are so incredible. May I ask what camera these were shot on?

    • 5D Mark III for the color shots and black and whites were on a 35mm Pentax with Tri-X 400 film.

  • candace

    very cool.

  • How fun!

  • CC

    These are absolutely breathtaking! Love how you capture the emotion in every shot.

  • Sandra

    I think I’m kind of in love with Zach now too…

  • And nowwwww, I want a monkey. 😀 Fantastic captures!

  • AH! You and Kevin seem to be getting along with them :) Perhaps they can be the Ann Street Studio mascot? haha x

    • If they weren’t so crazy we’d keep a monkey around all the time. That’s the dream.

  • Lisa

    I had to laugh at the Zach, Kelly and Monkey love triangle. You can’t really blame her can you? Kelly should understand how she feels.

    • Totes. hahahahaahahha.

    • Gene

      I had the same thought. 😉

  • Melanie Pogson

    What an amazing experiencing.. and yeah, wow. Monkey Love alright!
    Love that second last shot with Kevin so serious and the monkey howling.

  • Oh, these little guys just turned me into mush! Absolutely adorable. I am so jealous. This is officially going on the bucket list :)

    • Mine too, Andrea! I’m coming with you!

    • hahahha, they will be there waiting for you attention I’m sure!

  • How funny that they knock! These pictures are adorable. I’m an unabashed animal lover and would love to have them jump into my arms like that.

    Have you been to Bali? There’s a super cool monkey forest in Ubud where you can interact with macaques, albeit more feisty ones. Many of the visitors there were startled and even though I got a playful bite, I loved every minute of it.

    Great captures on those incredible moments.

    • Thank you! They are so funny to know to do things like knock! Great suggestion about Bali, we might be there next month and that sounds like an amazing place to add to our list!!!

  • Tarragona IN

    What a great experience!!!! Like always, beautiful pictures :)

  • So cute! I would be scared to death but I guess it is easy to overcome my fear with so much cuteness =)

    • They’re actually pretty gentle and sweet… but a little bit nuts at the same time.

  • Belen

    This is my fave!!!! :)

  • There are no words! As a monkey lover you have totally made my year with these pics!!!

  • Elizabeth Padilla

    oh! what a wonderful pictures with the monkey. They are very simple, funny and makes me to want one monkey now in my home ;)))

  • Amazing images….love, love, love! My sister had a pet spider monkey years ago…they really are quite the little characters!

  • Makes your heart warm up so fast…awww…adorable.

  • Elaine

    Oh no! Was the lady monkey absolutely heartbroken when Zach left? Poor dear.

  • Jan C.

    Oh, my, how sweet are these photos? Those creatures are adorable.