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Of all the activities Juma Lodge provides, my favorite was the jungle walk, a serious hike through the Amazon Rainforest. The breathtaking flora and fauna, the steamy nature of the air around you, the wild views of dense tropical rainforest reaching stories high above your head to the fallen leaves under your feet. It was – in one word – BEAUTIFUL. Leaving the lodge by boat, we ventured to a new part of this dense forest. I loved when our boat would enter into the tree canopies; it was like entering a magical world full of natural secrets. We started by clearing the path through the jungle with a machete, then learned how to climb Acai Trees like the natives by making rope out of leaves, how to communicate far distances with a stick and a tree, that Babasu Gongoin (beetle larvae) tastes just like coconuts (and according to our guide, Bill Gates loved them on his walking tour!), and how to separate palm leaves in order to fold them into forest crowns. Not your typical Monday activities in Manhattan!

After a refreshing swim at the end of our hike (remember it’s like 100000% humidity) we had lunch cooked over an open flame and took a dip to cool off. That evening we went fishing for piranhas which later became part of our family style meal. The journey to get here, the monkeys, and being forced to disconnect from the rest of the world will put this place, deep in the heart of the Amazon, forever deep in mine.

and FYI- Manaus is only a 5 hour flight from Miami, what adventure you take from there is up to you!

Jungle_Walk_003 Jungle_Walk_004 Jungle_Walk_005 Jungle_Walk_006 Jungle_Walk_007 Jungle_Walk_008    Jungle_Walk_012  Jungle_Walk_014 Jungle_Walk_015

Jungle_Walk_016 Jungle_Walk_017 Jungle_Walk_018 Jungle_Walk_019  Jungle_Walk_021

Above, communicating through vibrating sounds with a stick and a tree. Below, a native fruit that expands in your stomach to give you the illusion of feeling full… ummmmm best diet idea ever?


Below – the best way to repel insects is by having them crawl on you first! They taught us that you can allow the ants to crawl on your hands, wipe them off and then your skin smells of natural insect repellant, similar to the smell of OFF.

Jungle_Walk_024 Jungle_Walk_025



Above, eating beetle larvae! Below, Kevin shakes out a palm tree so that we may learn traditional weaving which can be used to make baskets, rugs, whistles, jewelry or in our case- forrest crowns!

Jungle_Walk_027 Jungle_Walk_028 Jungle_Walk_029 Jungle_Walk_030 Jungle_Walk_031  Jungle_Walk_033 Jungle_Walk_034 Jungle_Walk_035  Jungle_Walk_037 Jungle_Walk_038 Jungle_Walk_039 Jungle_Walk_040

Above, learning how to make rope with leaves. Below, tying it around your feet in order to climb a tree to gather fruit.

Jungle_Walk_041 Jungle_Walk_042 Jungle_Walk_043 Jungle_Walk_044 Jungle_Walk_045  Jungle_Walk_047

Above, our travel companion Gaby cools off after the hike.

Jungle_Walk_050 Jungle_Walk_051 Jungle_Walk_052  Jungle_Walk_054

Above, heading out piranha fishing in a Maiyet dress.

Jungle_Walk_057 Jungle_Walk_058 Jungle_Walk_059 Jungle_Walk_060 Jungle_Walk_061

Above & below- travel companions Kelly & Zach

Jungle_Walk_062 Jungle_Walk_063

Kevin puts his spear he whittled on our afternoon hike through the rainforest to use…

Jungle_Walk_064 Jungle_Walk_065



23 thoughts on “Jungle Walk

  1. You guys are freaking fearless. Also… how is it possible to look so chic in a jungle? I’d be a hot mess and a half.

    Can you all just go everywhere in the world and post about it so that I can satisfy my need to explore via this blog?

  2. Loved it, I live at the state right next to the one you guys were, you actually experienced our forest, most just look and have no courage to go in the forest. Looking at the pictures I can see you realy allowed yourselves to KNOW the Amazon.

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