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What is a dream? The American dream? The dream of stardom, of fame and fortune? Dreams of love? The dream marriage? We all have a dream, be it big or small, and I think actually we have more of these dreams in common than we realize.

Take our beautiful model – here she is, her 2nd day in New York. Young, beautiful, & wanting to make a better life for herself. She came here without family, sleeping in a friend’s apartment on the Upper East Side, so small they share a bed at night.

I was thinking about these stunning, intricate Monique Lhuillier bridal gowns which are individually a dream themselves. To have a gown of such care and design is a dream I’ve dreamed many times. The purpose of these treasures are to dress the body of brides. I remember being a bride, how full of dreams I was…wanting the night to float in the heavens as this perfect memory of love.

We shot some of my favorite pieces from the recent Spring/Summer 2015 Monique Lhuillier collection on tintype, a photographic process from the 1860s which creates a direct positive of the image on a thin sheet of iron holding the photographic emulsion, here at our studio in collaboration with our new friend and tintype photographer Giles Clement, who we met down in Texas this past spring. I chose to capture this young beautiful girl with all her dreams before her in these stunning romance-laced gowns on this 150 year old photographic process because I wanted it to look like a dream, what each of these subjects represent to me. Photography is so many things, surveys such an array of purposes from science and technology, art and commerce, to capturing historic and everyday events. Photography can also be a way to see into a fantasy, to create a world that only exists in your mind… and isn’t that the definition of dreams?

Special thanks to Giles Clement who spent the day with us creating these one of a kind pieces of art together; I cherish these photographs- a dream come true. 







Check out our Facebook to see the full-size tintypes!

Modeled by Michaela of Decorum Models // Tintype Specialist Giles Clement // Makeup by Morgan Gates // Nails by Phylicia Henry // Hairstyling by Joseph DiMaggio // Dresses by Monique Lhuillier // Shot at Ann Street Studio


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  • BeccaP

    Oh my god these are so gorgeous. Your respect for the craft of photography is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  • Jade Sheldon

    When I first met and was photographed by Giles, I knew I was witnessing something incredibly special. Seeing all of you collaborate is just such a perfect fit…

    • Jamie Beck

      The photo Giles took of you is STUNNING. It kills me, you are just so beautiful.

  • Mailinh

    Love the photos! Love you how take the modern and traditional and mix it together.

    • Jamie Beck

      That’s exactly what I was trying to achieve! Awesome.

  • heatherupchurch

    Wow! Such an inspiration!

  • Annabel Beeforth

    Absolutely beautiful, just breathtaking. I so love logging in to your blog posts, they inspire me so much.

    • Jamie Beck

      That makes me so happy to hear!

  • barefoot duchess blog

    I wish my wedding photos looked like this…

    • Jamie Beck

      Could you imagine?!!?! It would be like your wedding day soul was captured.

  • Arzoo Amer

    Hauntingly beautiful…

    They almost remind me of vintage Western photos, I absolutely love it and this collaboration! So happy you got to shoot with Giles and learn more about tintype photos! Definitely a dream come true!

    • Jamie Beck

      Vintage western photos! How funny. Remember growing up as a kid and seeing those old timey western photo booths. I guess this is me living out my childhood impressions 😉

  • Susan Dennis

    Such depth…so many layers and textures…these are just incredible, Jamie!

  • Serviced Apartments Resident

    Gorgeous photos and a truly fascinating discussion. The idea of the American dream has always confused but greatly interested me.