Como Shambhala


After the thirty-something hours and three flights it took to get to Bali, perfectly 12 hours ahead of New York (and my natural body clock), we needed a resort just like Como Shambhala. Tucked away at the end of a very local road is this explosion of natural wonder. On the edge of a jungle vista descending down to the rapid Ayung River (Ayung meaning beautiful) there are endless ways to pass the day, from hiking the 250 stone steps down to the stunning natural spring pools to yoga and spa treatments to wonderful afternoon naps on outdoor beds. The juice menu put all my favorite New York haunts to shame. Everything was amazingly fresh and organic, light and natural, mirroring the environment this special place was nestled in. My mind and body were healed being here and for once in a very long time I felt as though I could simply breathe

Como_Shambhala_002 Como_Shambhala_003


Como_Shambhala_005 Como_Shambhala_006 Como_Shambhala_007 Como_Shambhala_008 Como_Shambhala_009 Como_Shambhala_010 Como_Shambhala_011 Como_Shambhala_012 Como_Shambhala_013 Como_Shambhala_014 Como_Shambhala_015 Como_Shambhala_016


Como_Shambhala_017 Como_Shambhala_018 Como_Shambhala_019 Como_Shambhala_020 Como_Shambhala_021 Como_Shambhala_022 Como_Shambhala_023 Como_Shambhala_024 Como_Shambhala_025 Como_Shambhala_026 Como_Shambhala_027 Como_Shambhala_028 Como_Shambhala_029 Como_Shambhala_030 Como_Shambhala_031 Como_Shambhala_032 Como_Shambhala_033 Como_Shambhala_034 Como_Shambhala_035 Como_Shambhala_036 Como_Shambhala_037 Como_Shambhala_038 Como_Shambhala_039 Como_Shambhala_040 Como_Shambhala_041 Como_Shambhala_042 Como_Shambhala_043 Como_Shambhala_044


Como_Shambhala_045 Como_Shambhala_046 Como_Shambhala_047 Bali Instagram round up! // More travel adventures here!


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  • I was skeptical of Bali at first. I thought it would never live up to the hype. I was glad to be dead wrong! Bali is everything it promises and more.

    How can the food be that delicious AND healthy AND cheap? It’s a dream.

    I shot a million pictures there: Can’t wait to see the photo shoot you turned out!

    Sound of Chic
    Classic style set to an indie soundtrack

  • Oh, these photos are such a dream! I’d love to visit Bali (and Thailand!) someday soon, and your photos have me daydreaming of a scenic escape!

  • tahoe

    Ah! It’s so relaxing just to look at these photos. I can only imagine being there….. Just beautiful and lush.

  • ygriega


  • ah the fresh fruits and vegetables and the light sunlight and the natural surroundings.. so majestic! x

  • oh my gosh these images are gorgeous! Looks like such a wonderful spot!

  • Lisa

    Relaxation personified for sure!

  • So breathtakingly beautiful!

  • That pool! That bathtub! What a sanctuary…

  • Magical! And you look divine in that black dress!!

  • Tarragona IN

    What a paradise. You look great with that greek style.

  • Tess D’Urbervilles

    Wow. Those pictures give you a sense of calm and relax you cannot immagine. Thank you because now I’m fully relaxed ♥

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • Absolutely breathtaking. What a fabulous escape :)

  • pablohc

    Jamie, I got so much respect and admiration for all that you do. Not only do your photos make me want to get my camera and go outside and shoot every time… But the way you write and your story telling is just so engaging. Having your newsletter being sent to me everyday is a big highlight of my every day.

  • Alice Koh

    How funny. I worked on the brand + collateral designs for all the COMO Hotels & Resorts. And I have IG’d the exterior of your studio before. What a coincidence since we are neighbors in FiDi. Glad you enjoyed, and next time, go to Parrot Cay — 3hr direct flt from NYC.

  • tunjung

    oh my god, you are in BALI…

  • candace

    Jaime and Kevin , incredible post. thank you for sharing.
    your fan in Houston, tx

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