I‘ve always dreamed of traveling and I feel so very lucky that my job takes me around the world to be witness to and capture the wonder and beauty of different cultures, natural marvels, and lifestyles. One of our most recent journeys was to the island of Bali to shoot Cuyana’s summer campaign. We added a few days to the trip so we could truly experience the island, hosted by our friends and Bali natives at John Hardy who know the island so well. Staying at the Villa Campuhan was one of those pinch-me moments when your wanderlust dreams come true in the pure definition of paradise…we ate only the freshest food in an open air pavilion overlooking the Balinese ocean, we drank coffee with the sunrise and spent the hot afternoons swimming and reading. This special place fit right into LoveGold‘s summer of #wanderlust campaign… I can’t wait to see where other people travel to over the next few months and if they are lucky enough to be adorned in luxurious hand crafted gold like I was. Here is what I wore at the breathtaking Villa Campuhan…gold to match the sun, white to keep cool, anything to flow like the ocean and only bare feet ~


Above & below John Hardy Bamboo Collection gold and diamond pave cuff and ring // MAIYET skirt & Ralph Lauren top

Wanderlust_002 Wanderlust_003

Above & Below John Hardy Bamboo Collection small round diamond & gold pendant on gold whisper chain necklace *one of my favorite pieces of jewelry of all time* with matching ring stacked with slim gold & diamond pave ring // Dress by Malene Birger



Above & below John Hardy classic chain in gold and diamond pave bracelet with matching gold classic chain ring // Loup Charmant organic cotton gauze dress

Wanderlust_007 Wanderlust_008

My favorite aspect of traveling is discovering new flavors, below experiencing the local fruit mangosteen which I fell in love with! It tastes sweet and somewhat like lychee while also being a great antioxident // John Hardy Bamboo Collection gold and diamond ring



My first book of summer

Above & below in John Hardy classic chain bracelet in gold and diamond pave with matching classic chain ring and gold NAGA cuff // MAIYET shirt dress I wore in Salvador de Bahia with my gold Maiyet bangle & Monica Rich Kosann Gold moon charm necklace

Wanderlust_010 Wanderlust_011

Above and below in a simple John Hardy gold Kali curve band ring // ASOS swimsuit

Wanderlust_012 Wanderlust_013

Above & below in John Hardy gold NAGA dragon cuff and stackable gemstone rings // locally made Balinese sarong

Wanderlust_014 Wanderlust_015

Summer is the time to explore new destinations, feel new ground beneath your feet… what place gives you #wanderlust?

When we first met the ideals of John Hardy // LoveGold from New York to L.A.

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  • You look like a tropical goddess with those backdrops and the beautiful pieces you’re wearing! It looks like a marvelous time (and I hope you enjoyed Love In The Time Of Cholera)!

    You and Kevin will have to journey out to Santorini sometime soon… it’s the one place I’ve been to that I can never stop dreaming about and I know you’ll fall in love with it!

  • Wow, your pictures look amazing and make me want to go back to Bali NOW for a couple of days. I am currently living in Hong Kong so I am dreaming of non-asian destinations like Zimbabwe or Peru. I love Africa and South America.

  • ah gosh you are so beautiful, Jamie! I am so lucky to have come across you through the blogging world and constantly inspired by you! There are no boundaries! x

  • Verena

    That pool! I can’t believe it.

  • Alison Greene

    I may have to find a way to bring the island life home with me…perhaps through some of these gorgeous gold pieces…

  • MonicaLShulman

    You are a vision. These photos are stunning and so alive!

  • MonicaLShulman

    And PS–SO excited that you’re reading Love in The Time of Cholera. My favorite book that I fall more and more in love with each time I pick it up.

  • Tess D’Urbervilles

    There’s nothing better than a fresh cotton dress while you’re reading a book. Amazing pictures, as usual.

    Kisses from Lucca (you should definitely come, you’ll love this city)

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • You are stunning and so are the photos!

  • candace


  • Accademia di Moda

    We absolutely love the flowy dresses and great jewels that you wear in these photos! You did a wonderful job pairing these items together and creating a post that is appealing to the eye!

  • Tarragona IN

    Asturias (North of Spain) is my wanderlust place, because there is a beautiful landscape, with mountains and the sea. But sure there will be a lot of beautiful places in the world that I have to visit. Someday…

  • i feel the same way about thailand which we are visiting on our next holiday. so excited to see asia for the first time.

  • Mia Wallace

    Stunning!Capturing just so simple moments of life,making them unforgettable.

  • Sofia

    So beautiful pictures!

    I miss your cinemagraphs! They could be lovely in an enviroment like this!

  • That white MAIYET skirt up top, paired with [my fav] Ralph Lauren, well as Rachel Zoe would say (not that I love her but it totally applies here): I DIE.