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I’m finally back at the studio in New York after a month of whirlwind travel, literally around the globe and back a couple of times. It’s been great – incredibly beautiful at times, eye-opening at others. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and so much of what we have seen will be shared here over the next few months.

As I sit here at my desk in New York, I like to spin a small glass globe that sits by me, remember the places I have been, and dream about the ones I hope to visit one day. I look at the small Indonesian island of Bali literally halfway around the world from where I sit now and I can’t believe I was there; that you can just step on an airplane and hours later (be it A LOT of hours), here you are in a whole new world.

Traveling takes my breath away. I don’t know that I want to travel forever: it does take a toll on your body and having any sort of social life offline is nearly impossible. You miss birthdays and special events and you end up texting your friends selfies so they don’t forget what you look like…or that you exist. But for now, travel is my way of continuing my education – expanding my thoughts, seeing things you only read about in books and knowing what they feel like, taste like or sound like. Traveling has changed my opinion on religions, politics and environmental issues. It has made me look at cultures with a greater understanding that one is not better than the other, that you need way less in life then we have become accustomed to and the happiest people are the ones who base their life on love, family, and helping others. Traveling is teaching me the lessons I have yet to finish uncovering but that will shape how I tell stories in years to come.

One of my favorite brands, Cuyana with their simple and approachable everyday designs, took us to Bali to shoot their new summer campaign. It’s photoshoots like these I wish could last for days and days. Exploding the island with our model Anastasia who is also a photographer (that is her personal Leica) was a thrilling experience to share. I would stop and take a picture of her and when I was done she would stop and take a picture too. It goes without saying Bali took our breath away. Over the next few days I’ll share with you the culture, nature, and seashores of this very special place where two Western girls took travel to new places.

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Cuyana_Travel_Bali_007 Cuyana_Travel_Bali_008Cuyana travel essentials:

Chocolate leather overnight bag // the perfect travel case // straw panama hat //leather wallet // perfect cotton tee // handcrafted leather tote (I LOVE mine which is also monogrammed!) // silk sleeveless blouse


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  1. I could not relate to your third paragraph, about travel, more. I spent 4 years as a nomad before settling back in NYC so I could have a home again, even while still traveling occasionally. I find I am most at home when I travel still but I need that rest in between adventures because without it I can’t adequately absorb and process everything I learn while traveling.

    1. oh my! 4 years! Where did you go? What did you learn? I’d love to hear more. Yes, that’s the other part to travel I am learning is that we go, go, go and there is not much time left for rest, recovery and reflection. I think I could get even more out of these experiences if I balanced them with downtime and really allowed myself to remember as much as possible before stepping on a plane to a new adventure.

      1. 4 years, it flew by! I saw a lot of Europe because of the Francophile and Anglophile that I am. But I also visited every other continent (save for Antarctica) at least once and kind of ended with Australia which wasn’t a bad way to go out. I learned so much I should probably write a book except that I wasn’t taking notes when I traveled, just photographs. So that would be hard. The most important lesson I learned was that happiness is a choice and my own problems are minuscule in comparison to the scope of world problems we have to fix. That was balanced with an understanding of just how complex and beautiful the world is at the same time. You’re right, in that there wasn’t a lot of downtime to reflect or process all I experienced and that’s what I cherish most, now, about no longer being nomadic.

  2. What an incredible opportunity!! I can relate to the travel part. I’m currently on the go and taking a personal day from all the meandering and trying to catch up with everyone and everything. Get some rest, but I will say… keep traveling because I love your collaborations and photos 🙂 x

  3. Jamie, you’ve really been all over the place the past couple years and I’d really love to hear more about how your perspective has changed. Too bad you just got back; I actually visited NYC last week and stayed at 15 Park Row. I didn’t realize that Ann Street was right behind the building until the second day I was there! Better timing next time. =)

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