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Cuyana + Bali Nature


So, why did we go all the way to Bali to shoot the summer campaign? The answer is simple if you look at the product. Cuyana is a fashion brand producing a limited, curated collection that aims to be timeless. They source manufacturers from all over the world – not because they want to find a way to be less expensive, but because they want to hire the best of the best. If you want to make a cashmere sweater, why not have the experts in Scotland, with their knowledge going back hundreds of years, create it? Or the perfect leather tote…who is amazing with leather? The artisans of Argentina.

Cuyana searches the world to find and support the creators, cutting out the middle man and selling the designs themselves in order to keep costs down and quality high. So to answer the question above – why did you go all the way to Bali to shoot this summer Cuyana campaign? Because all their new gold jewelry is handmade in Bali and what a place to be!

Yesterday we unlocked the key to Bali culture but that is only a fraction of the story…arguably many people come here for the awe of the island’s nature scene which is as lush and beautiful as the people themselves. I was awestruck by the endless vistas of rice paddies wrapping around the island’s mainland. The air is damp and thick, and in the early evening light, the view fills with mysterious blueish smoke from farmers’ fires, turning the look into a cinematic movie scene. It’s serene and beautiful and it’s only the beginning of Bali’s natural wonder…

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_003 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_004

Of course Bali has amazing resorts (remember the dreamy Amandari & serene Como Shambala?!…because I do!) but you can also rent awesome Bali homes like we did with the team from Cuyana. Just around the house, we found perfect rice fields and coconut trees. Our first morning there all we could do was wander around in awe of the early morning light.

Below: Anastasia wears Cuyana’s classic white oxford dress.

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_006 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_007 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_009

 Above & Below: In our own Bali backyard in Cuyana’s turquoise silk sleeveless blouse, Panama hat and gold tag cuff

  Cuyana_Bali_Nature_008 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_010 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_011

This was my favorite look from the summer collection. Simple, cool, easy, elegant and wrapped in nature. Traveling so much, working so much, I’m most interested now in pieces like these where you can throw them on and look polished, dress them up or down and get on with life and living. Above & Below Cuyana’s silk sleeveless dress in stone with Bali-crafted gold asymmetrical earrings and oval cuff.

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_012 Below: Same dress new color!…

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_013 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_014

Waterfalls & flora, hiking trails through lush jungles all under the dancing light of Indonesian sunshine, smelling all the beautiful flowers along the way. I’ve learned when traveling, it’s always worth it to have a local guide. After exploring Bali culture and the gorgeous rice fields, I saw this post on instagram and I was like “Wayan! Take us to a waterfall!”, so he did and what a sight it was…

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_015 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_016 waterfall

Below: the simplicity of nature and the simplicity of Cuyana

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_017 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_018 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_019 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_020

Above: Our natural beauty wears Cuyana’s hammered earrings, oval cuff with a black silk sleeveless dress

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_021 MONKEY FOREST!

Looks cool but to be honest… it’s a little scary. Anastasia was just the coolest chick in the world and was down for whatever rice paddy or palm tree or monkey forest I wanted to try to shoot her in. So we got there, bought a bunch of bananas they sell at the entrance and immediately lost them to a monkey before we took one step. Ok…try again. This time I stuffed them in my pockets which had two possible outcomes. A) we get inside the forest and ration them out to the little babes in order to get a shot or B) they know I have the bananas in my pockets and I get monkey mobbed. We ended up aborting trying to get a fashion shot and instead went for just a candid snap just to say we did it… we were there…and the monkey ate the banana. Anastasia is wearing Cuyana’s oxford shirtdress in light blue.

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_022 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_023 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_024 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_025 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_026 Quiet moments in nature in Cuyana’s silk sleeveless blouse & golden tag cuff

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_027 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_028 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_030

Sunset walk over the river in Ubud in Cuyana’s silk sleeveless black dress, gold hammered earrings, oval cuff & hammered ring

Cuyana_Bali_Nature_032 Cuyana_Bali_Nature_031

Bali Culture // Bali Water // Bali Instagrams

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  • Just stunning photos, Jamie! I’m waiting for the day I can go to the book store and buy a book by you.

  • What a perfect match you all are…

  • mywhiteT

    Wow Bali looks amazing, so tropical and I love the outfits that you wore.

  • Super8ten

    Wow these photos are beautiful and your model was really a trooper

  • The cinemagraph is lovely… and the location isn’t bad either I guess haha. This is so enchanting! x

  • Becca Allen

    What breathtaking shots. Having been back from Bali only a month myself I can speak to the luscious beauty that these images capture. I have plenty of humidity back home in Texas but it doesn’t quite match the richness of this landscape :) Keep up the gorgeous work!

    • Thanks Becca! How long were you in Bali? What brought you there? What area did you stay in? I wish I would have had more time to explore, it’s so diverse!

      • Becca Allen

        I was in Bali for six days, in Indonesia for 10 in total. We spent several night in a private villa in Ubud, Kuta Beach & one night in Lovina Beach. My roommate, a friend from college, has family that lives in Jakarta so we started and ended our travels with them getting a great local experience. We spent our time in Bali doing bike excursions, beach lounging and lots of trips to Jamu Spa. I traveled with three close friends and we had such a fantastic experience!

  • Monika Sanguinetti

    Stunning model! This would be a dream vacation for me! How lucky you get to do it for a living!

  • Megan

    just beautiful! The way you captured the lush green humidity in contrast to the model never looking wilted was really amazing. Definitely adding Cuyana to my “most wanted” clothing items list…hahahaha!

    • Oh totally, their pieces as so classic. Also, I have one of the totes monogrammed and it’s heaven. I carry it all the time!

  • Fash365

    Stunning model and the photos look incredible! The location
    gorgeously complements the clothing as well. For more jungle attire, have a look here:

  • Morena Raggi

    Thanks Jamie Beck!!I travel through your photos!!

  • matt

    stunning photo/ What lens and camera did you use for this trip??