Carneros Inn


I was always enchanted with the quaintness of John F. Kennedy & Jackie’s California retreat on the 2nd leg of their honeymoon after Acapulco. Though we chose to start out on a once-in-a-lifetime Safari, we wanted to really take time to also slow down and take in our new roles as husband & wife with as many sunsets as possible. I found our private retreat in Carneros Inn in California’s Napa Valley, a gorgeous rolling hill estate surrouned by fields of grapevines and tucked away rows of little tin-roofed cottages, a literally home away from home. I pulled these old color film snapshots out of the archives as Kevin and I recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary to remember that place, those sun-filled days of baths outside in our walled garden, nights by the outdoor fireplace drinking wine and mornings with time to read the newspaper. It was magical, it should be magical and I hope it was or will be for you…

Napa_Honeymoon_002 Napa_Honeymoon_003 Napa_Honeymoon_004 Napa_Honeymoon_005 Napa_Honeymoon_006

When we arrived Kevin’s parents were so sweet and thoughtful to have a “welcome package” of local goodies and of course, champagne! 

Napa_Honeymoon_007 Napa_Honeymoon_008 Napa_Honeymoon_009 Napa_Honeymoon_010 Napa_Honeymoon_011 Napa_Honeymoon_012 Napa_Honeymoon_013 Napa_Honeymoon_014 Napa_Honeymoon_015 Napa_Honeymoon_016

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  • Jamie, so sexy! Love the quality of these color prints.

    Sound of Chic
    Classic style set to an indie soundtrack

  • Tarragona IN

    Great and romantic pictures. I have to show your post to my in Laws, maybe they could do something similar to us 😉 Although if they stay with my 20 month daughter for a night it could be nice too 😉

  • What a lovely and quaint place to spend time with your significant other! Love the rich colors of the photos.

  • um sweetest parents ever!! i’ve been dying to go to carneros inn ever since my friend got married there. i had the most amazing lunch at san ysidro ranch, and it’s definitely on my list of places i want to stay! here’s the post from my lunch:


  • Jan’s camera

    Beautiful place for a honeymoon. The photos are lovely. I hope to visit this part of the country some day.

  • Rachel C

    Where did you get that beautiful floral dress???

    • It’s actually from Anthropologie but quite a long time ago now…