The Little Black Dress


My assistant always teases me because most days when she comes into the studio, I’m wearing all black. Maybe it’s the Manhattanite in me, or maybe it’s because as a photographer I want to minimize my presence and draw all the attention onto my subject. Either way, it’s so classic you can never go wrong. So now that we’ve established the color,  and you know my rules on personal style, let’s talk about shapes….here are 5 Little Black Dresses I’m currently loving:

The Tent.

This dress came into my life in Provence, at the MOST amazing vintage clothing store I’ve ever been to. I was there with the guys from Creatures of the Wind and they pulled out this dress for me and we all cooed over the billowing oversized pear shape. I think there is something sexy about a fabric that moves around your body like an interpretive dance, revealing curves with the simple gust of wind. Best part about this dress with pockets – it only cost me 10 Euros.


Business Time.

This black TSE cashmere turtleneck dress is one that I can dress up or dress down and feel totally wrapped in luxurious comfort while looking professional. I love this straight cut shape, loose on the waist, so I’m not walking into meetings a total curvy babe alert. When the temperature gets colder I’m looking at transitioning into this style.


The Curves.

I was so excited when I read Roland Mouret was doing a collaboration with Banana Republic this summer – I think he designs for women with curves in such a sexy, real way. The first time I zipped this baby up, it was an instant transformation from working girl to hot date. Still polished and simple in a way I like, but letting the hourglass do the talking. The fabrics Roland chose for this collection are also, btw, crazy comfortable. It’s a magical 2 sec transformation.

LBD_05 LBD_06

The Forever Classic.

Some dinner parties I go to I don’t want to be sexy, or curvy, or in a “look”…sometimes I just want to be polished, intelligent and have my fashion have a story. This dress, so classic I’ll wear it forever, I found on a trip with my father in Berlin by designer Annette Goertz. I was initially thinking about buying it in gray then came back the next day and decided one day, when I have gray hair, the contrast of black will be better.


The Bombshell

This is my all time favorite little black dress by Paris label Paule Ka who has been doing LBD’s in an old Hollywood glamour way for some time now. The way it wraps and pulls and hugs and drapes a woman’s body is heavenly. I feel so sexy in this dress, I call it my Sophia Loren. Just the right amount of skin, just the right amount of coverage, gives you just the right amount of attention… What he doesn’t know, it’s insanely comfortable, which means nothing gets in the way of having a good time.


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23 thoughts on “The Little Black Dress

  1. Simply beautiful. Every single shot, look, perspective.
    May I ask what shoes you are wearing in the first two photos? Really into a classic, menswear-inspired shoe.

  2. I am a reader of your blog and was already so surprised when I read you were in Provence at the exact location I will spend my vacation next week – Lacoste, Bonnieux… and now this: I love black, love black dresses and overall love to wear tents as well as tubes: So now I added this seemingly amazing vintage store to my route. Thank you!

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