Kingston Wine Co.

This weekend we were upstate location scouting for a top secret shoot this week up in Dutchass County, New York. I can’t drive up the Hudson without taking the time to visit some of my favorite places, do a little shopping and catch up with friends. All three of those are true for Kingston Wine Co., owned by one of the most beautiful couples I know who packed up and left New York City for a life as shopkeepers (something that runs in their family for generations) and artists.

Opened in January, Mike & Theresa remolded and decorated the shop themselves bringing in aspects from their past- the shelving is from Brooklyn, the idea of crates came from a previous wine job, the rug from ABC. Everything is personal, everything comes with a story which is what I love most about these people – their genuine nature. While milling about the store snapping a few pics to share with you I noticed that Mike would greet every customer that came in, help them select the perfect wine or grab their favorite for them because he remembers details like that. Ask him, “I want a wine Hemingway would drink” – he has it. “I want a wine from an organic small grower that is reasonably priced” – he has it and he’ll tell you all about it.

We have been apart of their monthly wine share (which would make an awesome gift!) since the beginning and it’s always an exciting day at the studio when the package arrives. Complete with the history of the wine enclosed and recipe cards for food pairings, they do all the work for you so you can simply enjoy… and enjoy we do.

Kingston_Wine_Co_02 Kingston_Wine_Co_03 Kingston_Wine_Co_04



Kingston_Wine_Co_08 Kingston_Wine_Co_05 Kingston_Wine_Co_06 Kingston_Wine_Co_07    Kingston_Wine_Co_09

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  • Such a lovely feature! x

  • Oh, I just love little shops like these! There’s one right down from where I work here in Austin and you’ve just inspired me to make a stop in.

  • Opening a bottle of wine should always be an occasion. My husband and I have a rule that when we have dinner and bottle, as soon as the cork has been popped to decant, phones and tv are off and the record player turns on. Jazz, wine and food. Thats all you need.


  • Tarragona IN

    What a nice place. Hemingway sure he would have chosen one those he drank in Pamplona (Spain) 😉

  • camillaleila

    oh my goodness. what a dream to own a shop like that. i LOVE this post.