Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance


It’s an interesting thing, the world of luxury cars. Growing up in Texas, luxury meant the biggest pickup truck on the road…but that was not for me. I dreamed about the cars they drove in Sabrina and what was in Jay Gatsby’s garage. I knew these cars were aesthetically special but beyond that my knowledge ended. Lord help me when it’s time to change the oil or, heaven forbid, a flat tire with the old car I just bought last fall. I’ll def be pulling one of these when that day comes…

So here I found myself at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as the guest of one of my favorite clients, Lincoln Motor Co. which as you know has a great history of classic motoring in America and I felt so honored to be their guest, diving into this world of antique perfection.

Here are 10 things I learned in the lap of luxury:

  1. Do not touch the cars.
  2. These car owners give a new meaning to “spotless“… the smallest particle of dust was no match.
  3. Men will totally lose any logical thought in their head when one of these cars or if any of the new concept cars is present…or even in ear shot. (yes, we could hear them driving around from our hotel room)
  4. Racetracks are LOUD. Earplugs next time… I wonder if Donna Karan makes a chic pair?
  5. You don’t know rich until you know car culture rich. Jay Leno has said “Concours is where simple millionaires come to rub shoulders with billionaires.”
  6. Once you show your automobile at the Concours, you can not enter again for 10 years.
  7. One example I found through sly eavesdropping of how much it cost to restore an antique car: $500,000.
  8. Cars in the 1920s (Duesenberg) had hidden bars stocked with crystal decanters and tumblers. I literally screamed when he opened the back of the seat to show me.
  9. The prize car at auction while I was there went for $23 Million…. a car that I can’t figure out how it would ever make it past a speed bump.
  10. After driving around Monterey Peninsula next to Lamborghinis, McLarens and classic Ferraris any other roadway in America looks disgusting… including the Hamptons. #gamechanger


It was an intoxicating passion to be around, and only something as perfectly beautiful as these cherished pieces of automobile history could distract from the ravishing California coast… pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_02 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_03

pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_04 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_05 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_06 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_07 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_08    pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_10 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_11 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_12 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_13 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_14 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_15 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_16 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_17 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_18    pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_19 pebble_beach_concours_d'elegance_20



The Lincoln Job | Lincoln’s Flower Power | Young Love Lincoln

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  • These pieces of art and culture make my jaw drop. Literaly….

    What a time…. When round and perfect siluettes were the common part of car design. Always-Shinny steel everywhere……….
    These collector pieces are simply perfect, I wish cars would be like that again.
    Miss it….

    Casio Official Online Shop

    • I do too. It was such an experience to get to live in this world for a day and see these pieces of art on the road again.

  • Oh my goodness. I love classic cars but I dont know if I could spent that much($500k) on them even if I had that much spare change lying around in my account. Beautiful pictures BTW.

    – Colours of Autumn-

  • Jamie

    The little boy and his father…classic. Love, love these.

    • RIght?! I saw that and couldn’t help myself. So adorable.

  • Melanie Pogson


  • Your black and whites and so timeless. What beautiful lines. Did you shoot on film?

    Global Girl Travels
    Travel like a lady. Budget like a boss.

    • Oh yes, these are all shot on B&W film. Some tri-x400, some t-max 100. I love classic things, they just feel like such a celebration of life. :)

  • Such classic pieces and such luxury! All of these photos look like they’re straight from another time! Love them!

  • Louielandscapephoto

    and this is why i own a classic truck :-)

  • ziloa

    It’s beautiful, I really loved the pictures <3
    Although in Europe it wouldn't look like that, we restore antique cars, but we don't expect it to be spotless because we know these cars were never ever spotless, it's kind of a myth :-)