Hanley Mellon


Who ever said being put together meant having to be uncomfortable? Nicole Mellon has set out to change that with her fall collection of simple, classic, sophisticated, and comfortable clothing for the new modern day woman which needs this sort of easy versatility. I didn’t know what to expect when I first met Nicole at her apartment in the glamorous Pierre Hotel; the second I walked in the door I was overcome by her kindness, creativity, sense of style and warmth. She believes, like I do, that flats at night can be just as chic, effortlessness is real beauty, and simplicity is timeless. These are my favorite pieces from her line Hanely Mellon– something for everyday and always.

{ps- how cool is this #tbt pic of hers?…}

Hanley_Mellon_03 Hanley_Mellon_04 Hanley_Mellon_05 Hanley_Mellon_06

Hanley_Mellon_07 Hanley_Mellon_08 Hanley_Mellon_09 Hanley_Mellon_10 Hanley_Mellon_11 Hanley_Mellon_12 Hanley_Mellon_13 Hanley_Mellon_14 Hanley_Mellon_15 Hanley_Mellon_16 Hanley_Mellon_17 Hanley_Mellon_18 Hanley_Mellon_19

All clothing Hanley Mellon || Modeled by Natalia Solovieva || Hair & Makeup by Suzana Hallili 

16 thoughts on “Hanley Mellon

  1. This is a beautiful collection – the lines on every piece are so interesting, you can tell that the designer really understands how to create a unique style without sacrificing utility. One of the more wearable collections I’ve seen from a designer in a long time. Thanks for cueing us in! 🙂

  2. THANK YOU- am totally encouraged by your comments! And, of course, to Jamie- a great beauty with matchless talent and chic- thank you for this feature xx

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