Happy Holidays

Holiday_Party_cover00How lucky are we that we get to work with our best friends? My friendship with Kelly began 3 years ago on a shoot in Malibu where we shot all day, and dreamed all night. Fast forward to now, another year in our friendship. We shared a house in Amagansett, she threw me the best birthday party of all, we collaborated on shoots from CHANEL to golden goddesses, cool kids to Victoria Secret models. Before we each go home to our real families Kelly and I had a Holiday Party here at the studio for our little New York family, the ones that buy you a drink after a hard day or make you laugh when work is stressful or keep you inspired though all forms of collaboration… and the occasional selfie.

Of course we had to go big and by go big we mean we decked the entire party out in Ralph Lauren from the table tops to the shoes! …so it was basically my dream party. Zach, Kelly’s boyfriend (who just opened a new restaurant in Manhattan!) made the most beautiful dinner of Coq au Vin (recipe HERE!) while Kevin welcomed our guests with a Suburban cocktail (see his story & recipe below!).

Kelly took care of the table with a focus on personal touches, my favorite being the way she did the place settings by using a small silver frame and having me print photos that I have taken of us through the years (which was super easy using THIS), as a way to mark each person’s seat at the table. I loved this touch. I thought it really represented our friendship and collaboration and was an amazing way for everyone to re-tell the story behind the image.

While she sat the table I thought it would be fun to put the photo studio in use even for a dinner party! I threw up a gray seamless and put some warm gels over a couple of kino flo lights and had the camera ready to go to take portraits of each other, to remember this time in our lives together, and this holiday season. As the night progressed the portrait studio turned into a candid riot of laughter and dancing and all out friendship silliness. I cherish this night, these real moments of laugher and wine, photography and art- all the passions that brought us together in the first place.

So here’s to the holiday season. I hope you find some inspiration in our intimate Ralph Lauren inspired dinner party for your own this December and remember to be with the ones that you love….

 Holiday_Party_03 Holiday_Party_04

Kelly has a method to her table-setting-madness! See here entertaining tips here


Above~ keeping it classic in a Ralph Lauren Collection Cashmere Chunky Knit Turtleneck (I order a size up to make it extra cozy), Collection Pencil Skirt and Suede Blamina Sandal

Holiday_Party_07 Holiday_Party_08 Holiday_Party_09 Holiday_Party_10 Holiday_Party_11


The Suburban Cocktail

Rye, Dark Rum & Port, Oh My

Kevin: I was very pleased when Jamie and Kelly informed me I was in charge of cocktails for our holiday dinner party. Some time ago I had tasked myself with learning to make a variety of cocktails and the reputation stuck, so I often find myself making spicy margaritas in the summer or, in this case, something more in sync with the winter months.

When I came across The Suburban, a cocktail created in New York City in the 1880’s, and named after a horse race, I knew it would fit perfectly with the Ralph Lauren vibe the girls were creating. It’s a rye whiskey based cocktail, with the unusual addition of dark rum and port, plus bitters. Esquire described it best: “If you could distill carved-oak paneling and club chairs, leather-bound volumes and three-cushion billiard tables, this is what you’d get..”

Intrigued by how the ingredients might all go together, I made a test batch and was instantly impressed. After round one I was literally struggling to make batches faster than our guests were drinking them. So it’s safe to say it was a hit. Not too strong in taste, and not too sweet. Perfect for a winter evening and, because of the port, an easy transition to the red wine we had with dinner. Although I think at least a few of us kept drinking the cocktail throughout the meal.

The Suburban

3 oz rye whiskey
1 oz port wine
1 oz dark rum
3 dashes orange bitters
3 dashes Angostura bitters

Shake with ice, or stir. I stirred.

Suburban_cocktail__02 Suburban_cocktail__03Suburban_cocktail__04Suburban_cocktail__05Suburban_cocktail__07

Above~ Ivo wearing a Ralph Lauren velvet jacket, scarf, vest, shirt, plants and monogrammed slippers with Zach in a Ralph Lauren dinner jacket, vest, scarf, shirt, suspenders, pants and pony-embroidered slippers


Below~ Kevin in a Ralph Lauren suit, sweater, shirt, and black velvet slippers with Bunny in a Ralph Lauren cowl neck sweater

Holiday_Party_13 Holiday_Party_14

As you guys know, our friends Mike & Theresa opened Kingston Wine Co. in Kingston, NY this year with an amazing monthly wine share which we saved and used to serve over dinner. Each wine comes with a story on the grower with suggested pairings and recipes… would make an amazing holiday gift! 


Below~ Kelly kept it cool in a Ralph Lauren Blue Label Wrap Maxi Dress, Ralph Lauren Vintage Jewelry Gold Lockett and Ralph Lauren Leopard Haircalf Rina Flat

Holiday_Party_16 Holiday_Party_17

A one-pot meal you can make in advance of a dinner party is a chic but decadent way to host a dinner party. Zach created for us the perfect Coq au Vin where he shares his personal recipe for HERE.

Holiday_Party_27 Holiday_Party_19 Holiday_Party_20 Holiday_Party_21 Holiday_Party_22 Holiday_Party_23  Holiday_Party_25 Holiday_Party_26  Holiday_Party_28 Holiday_Party_29 Holiday_Party_30

Above~ Bunny steals the show in a Ralph Lauren cowl neck sweater

Holiday_Party_31 Holiday_Party_32

Below~ Erin (middle) in a Ralph Lauren cashmere gown

Holiday_Party_33 Holiday_Party_34 Holiday_Party_35 Holiday_Party_36


 All clothing and accessories provided by my great love- Ralph Lauren

More Ralph Lauren stories HERE | Last year’s holiday party HERE

much love to my dear friends Kelly, Zach, IvoErin & Bunny.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun!

    And the colors everyone is wearing/that were used in setting up the table… it all just feels so beautiful and cozy and snug! Happy holidays to you and yours, Jamie! <3

  2. Swooning over all the rich detail. Sigh a thousand sighs. RL is simply the best. Beautifull. You did it girl! Clapping and whistling!!! You’re dripping with talent lady. Absolutely lovely.

  3. one of my absolute favorite posts of yours! everything and everyone looks gorgeous and i adore your little family of friends. Happy holidays! xox theartemuse

  4. Lovely photos. I’m confused though, is this a personal holiday party or a campaign shoot at a personal holiday party. “All clothing and accessories provided by”

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