Chloe Nørgaard for Hanley Mellon

chloe615This fall here at the studio we photographed digital assets for a new label called Hanley Mellon, created by Nicole Hanley Mellon, a former stylist for Ralph Lauren (and you know how I feel about RL)

The above is a cinemagraph of model Chloe Norgaard which is now live as the landing image on When we shot this at our studio I was looking at Chloe, so famous for her ever changing hair color, and thought: let’s just make it about her hair! After all… you can’t miss it.

Nicole and I have since become friends which is always the best outcome of something that starts as a job, to both like the people you end up working with, and in this case, to love what they have created. I find Nicole’s personal style incredibly inspiring. During our 2nd shoot together she was discussing heel height with one of her partners, making the point that flats were much chicer to wear out at night because you’re not in pain or walking like a dinosaur.

I totally agree.

But when she does wear heels, she does them so well. I also spent the entire day wearing Hanley Mellon when we went on our New York City ‘choose your own adventure’ together because the clothing is made to be simple and chic and above all comfortable.

Nicole interviewed me recently, one of my favorites of all the interviews I’ve done… which isn’t surprising since I seem to heart everything about Hanley Mellon.

10 thoughts on “Chloe Nørgaard for Hanley Mellon

  1. I just spent a good two hours on your site soaking up all the amazing inspiration and resources here. I have to say, your work stands out in so many ways and it is a huge source of motivation for me. My husband also works in film and uses the Red Epic so its a lot of fun for me to come to your site and feel like I understand a little of the cinema side to your work as well. Thank you for keeping up such a fantastic website and for creating such beautiful work!

    1. Hi Kristin!

      So happy to read this. Thank you for saying everything you did. It’s so much work to create and you just hope it means something to someone out there. This makes my day! What does your husband do with the Red Epic? Are you guys out in LA?

      1. He works as an AC but also works with a small film crew making documentaries (Blood Brother, Crocodile Gennadiy). We live in Pittsburgh, which surprisingly has a great film community! The tricky thing living here instead of LA or NYC is trying to figure out how far I can get in my own career. Pittsburgh has potential but there’s not a lot of fashion editorial opportunities here.

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