Machu Picchu


I always say, the best places in the world are the hardest to get to. An eight hour flight to a one hour flight to a thirty minute bus to a three hour train to a 4am alarm clock to a thirty minute bus to here. Totally worth the journey when “here” is the amazing Machu Picchu. Being there, when the doors opened (and relieved we didn’t fall off the mountain on the bus ride up!) in the quite morning air, soft diffused light, and sounds of nature alone was more of a spiritual feeling of being one with the history of humanity, earth, and astronomy. A connectedness that is so easy to forget or not feel in our real lives at work in New York City.

We spent the first part of the morning hiking up paths to vista points, turning back to take it all in, photograph the majesty then continue on until we reached the farthest perch. We sat for a very long time, made some time lapses, watched birds soar through the valley, inhaled the smell of incense from people who came to meditate and feel the energy of this astonishing place and just be. Be in the moment. I was there, one of my dream places, and this moment meant so much to me.

Our entire journey to Machu Picchu was arranged by Grey Line tours which I can now highly recommend. Our private guide who took us to the citadel, Hector, was incredible and patient with us. He let us do our thing, took us to the best photographic spots and peaceful places and waited until we were ready for all the information… and boy did I have A LOT of questions. I won’t fill you in on the history of Machu Picchu, hello wikipedia, or even share too many photographs. I think, for this moment, it is best lived and I hope everyone has the chance to experience this place as I have and feel that thing which can not be expressed in pixels but in LIFE.

Machu Picchu. Did it. As my Dad and I like to say “Check.”

Machu_Picchu__01    Machu_Picchu__03    Machu_Picchu__05 Machu_Picchu__06

Machu_Picchu__07 Machu_Picchu__08    Machu_Picchu__10 Machu_Picchu__11 Machu_Picchu__12 Machu_Picchu__13     Machu_Picchu__16 Machu_Picchu__17 Machu_Picchu__18 Machu_Picchu__19    Machu_Picchu__21 Machu_Picchu__22 Machu_Picchu__23 Machu_Picchu__24 Machu_Picchu__25 Machu_Picchu__26 Machu_Picchu__27 Machu_Picchu__28 Machu_Picchu__29


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  • You have a way of sending my feelings of wanderlust to new heights…

  • Beautiful! I have my sights on Machu Pichu this year.


  • The light looks so dramatic. I love that dark light that seems to create impossible shadows. I also can relate to that feeling of finally arriving in a place with such a sense of adventure, and then it changes you. It’s the only way to travel and live :)

  • avirup

    Really beautiful pictures and loved the writing style :)

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • How incredible and majestic are these photographs… my jaw literally dropped at some of them.

    I can only imagine how beautiful it was experiencing it in person…


  • uh you would look SUPER chic climbing machu picchu haha xx

  • What a magical place. I must cross it off my list too :) Beautiful cinemagraph by the way!


  • tahoe

    Yes! the bus ride. A little scary, I agree. Beautiful pictures Jamie. Did a little boy chase the bus down the mountain?

  • Simply stunning!

  • Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful place! It is one of my dream places, too.

  • These are wonderful photos from the one of the most beautiful places I have been to. Your last post on Cusco took me back (thanks again for taking time to visit my blog) and inspired me to edit out my Machu Picchu photos from the last day of my 4-day hike Inca Trail adventure. Still working on the last ones but hopefully publishing it soon. And yes you’re right, the best places are the hardest ones to get to. Makes it all the more worth it!

    • Wow, you did a 4 day hike on the Inca Trail?! That’s amazing!

      • Yes I did, and it was hard but definitely one of the best experiences one can ever have. I’m finally done with my MP photos (you can see it here: The Inca Trail photos still on the works – so much beauty to capture – have to go through 500 images.

  • Machu Picchu looks awesome! It looks such great. I would love to visit it once.

    x Kate

  • Tarragona IN

    Wow, Amazing!!! Hope to go once in my life. There are things that even incredible pictures can’t express.

  • GinaKM

    So gorgeous! What company did you go through to do your trip?

    • Lan Airlines and Grey Line Tours- link is in the 3rd paragraph at the top :)

      • GinaKM

        Thanks Jamie, I realized that you already told us after I posted and felt silly. Love following your adventures and can’t wait to see where you travel next! I never knew I had a life goal to hold a baby alpaca with a colorful headband until seeing your images. :) Take care!

        • GinaKM

          Leaving on Friday! Looking back on your photos (which inspired us to make the trip) makes me even more excited!! We are doing the 6 day Salkantay trek, can’t wait!

    • This is where we built the whole package:

  • These are the most beautiful pictures of Machu Pichu I have seen. As a photographer it’s difficult to carve out time to enjoy the scene with your eyes, mind, and heart, not just your lens. Glad you got to do that.

    Global Girl Travels
    Travel like a lady

  • Lisa

    Surreal images!

  • Machu Picchu is one of those places that just looks spectacular, and I bet it’s so much better in person than it looks in any photo (although these are stunning). I can’t wait to see it for myself one day!