Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

It’s hard to follow up the historic fantasy of La Casona or the romance of the Hiram Bingham train with anything other than the citadel itself, but between here and there we found one such place.

Tucked away in a a jungle of amazing flora and fauna in the heart of the Andean cloud forest was the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, a mountainside refuge for the body and soul. It’s exactly how you want to stay in a forest: with hummingbirds outside your door, orchids in bloom everywhere, fireplaces always aglow, and the view of a roaring river below captivating you. Trains arriving in and around the mountain through the Vilcanota Valley take you back to a time when travel was truly an adventure. The afternoon rain showers make relaxing in the tub or having a pisco sour on the porch seem like the perfect thing to do.

First built in the 1970s for backpackers, the owner had a vision for an ecological boutique luxury resort complete its own gardens, a tea farm where all production is made by hand, bear rehabilitation center and an impressive orchid garden. Our suite was built from local stone, adobe, stucco and eucalyptus beams and had not one but three showers, two located outside. A deep soaking tub (OBSESSED) and an outdoor private hot tub.

I loved the attention to detail and exclusivity felt here, so much so that when it was time to check out I totally forgot I had to do that, I was just right at home.

Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_01Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_02 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_03 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_04 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_05 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_06 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_07  Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_09   Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_12 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_13 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_14 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_15 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_16 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_17 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_18 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_19 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_20  Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_22EH9A8357Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_24 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_25 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_26 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_27 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_28  Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_30 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_31 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_32 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_33 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_34 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_35 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_36 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_37 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_38 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_39 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_40 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_41 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_42 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_43 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_44 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_45 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_46 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_47 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_48 Inkaterra_Machu_Pichu_Pubelo_Hotel_49


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