Scotch in the Snow


Valentine’s Day always falls in the middle of New York Fashion Week which means for the past 4 years we have been working non-stop and unable to have a proper romantic date.. that is until this year. Kevin surprised me last weekend by clearing my work schedule and whisking me away to Glenmere Mansion, originally built in 1911 as a home for Robert Goelet, for an “early” Valentine’s Day celebration.

We have recently been learning about the world of Scotch. I love the simplicity of a single pour drink if it’s at our studio in New York, or on a weekend getaway, so I don’t have to think about mixers and recipes. I’ll never forget the first time I tried Scotch- it was on our honeymoon on Safari in South Africa. We arose before the sun and had a quick breakfast before hoping in the jeeps- on the breakfast bar, oatmeal with a topping of scotch. What?! I mean.. this blows the “before noon” rule right out of the water. Come to find out, it was a delicious tradition and on those very cold sleepy mornings, just the right thing to warm you up ever so.

Fast forward a few years and we have been slowly learning and enjoying the lessons in scotch. We recently did an amazing flight taste tasting with our friends from The Glenlivet at Highlands, a Scottish experience gastro pub in the West Village. When Kevin was planning this romantic getaway he took inspiration from that evening and bought us a bottle of  The Glenlivet 15 which he knows I’d like because of its sweeter notes of almonds and spice. I love it’s distilled in French oak which makes it creamy and rich which I prefer, as a woman, to the other smokier varieties. The best part about gifting and receiving a beautiful scotch if you’re a man or woman is that you get to share it together, what each person individually smells and tastes and untimely make memories wrapped in the beautiful glow of golden honey.

So here we are, at the historic Glenmere Mansion, a place to cradle us away from the noise of the city and to spend the hours snuggled by the fire with the winter air breaking outside as we sip on scotch to keep us warm. This amazing experience was made possible by our friends at The Glenlivet~

The_Glenlivet_03 The_Glenlivet_04 The_Glenlivet_05 The_Glenlivet_06 The_Glenlivet_07 The_Glenlivet_08

“Last year I decided to educate myself about Scotch, something I knew very little about. When I went to the wine shop on our street I asked for some recommendations for where to start, and they suggested The Glenlivet 12 as a starter. Jamie and I both really enjoyed it, and knowing her palate I knew the 15 year would be a great next move.”


Things I’ve learned about The Glenlivet:

The Glenlivet was the original Scotch, supporting an idea we believe in strongly, to be an original.

Why “The” Glenlivet?: The Glenlivet is known for its smooth and elegant whiskies. It was renowned and other distillers copied and took advantage of this fact including copying their name! George Smith’s (the founder) sons and heir went into a lengthy battle to secure the rights to be known as THE GLENLIVET to differentiate it from the copy cats.

All their spirits are created using a natural spring water from the same spring they founded the company with in 1824

This region of Scotch making is known for producing very smooth, easy and soft spirits.

On the rocks or straight up? It’s a personal preference but how they described it to me was that by drinking it room temperature you have a fuller, robust flavor. They likened it to a walk in the forest- the smell of the forest after a freshly fallen snow is more muted as opposed to its natural state, or after a warm rain (adding water).

The_Glenlivet_16 The_Glenlivet_18  The_Glenlivet_20 The_Glenlivet_21  The_Glenlivet_23 The_Glenlivet_24 The_Glenlivet_25

After an afternoon game of scrabble (which he “let” me win) he wrote out a little love scrabble to me…

The_Glenlivet_26 The_Glenlivet_27 The_Glenlivet_29 The_Glenlivet_30

The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland at Glenmere! It was one of those uncontrollable magic moments.

The_Glenlivet_31 The_Glenlivet_34 The_Glenlivet_35 The_Glenlivet_36 The_Glenlivet_37 The_Glenlivet_38 The_Glenlivet_39 The_Glenlivet_40

Sometimes you have to play together, right?

The_Glenlivet_42 The_Glenlivet_41  The_Glenlivet_56 The_Glenlivet_57 The_Glenlivet_58 The_Glenlivet_59  The_Glenlivet_62The_Glenlivet_63 The_Glenlivet_64 The_Glenlivet_66 The_Glenlivet_67 The_Glenlivet_68 The_Glenlivet_69 The_Glenlivet_70  The_Glenlivet_72

A perfect sunset for someone who can’t help but photograph every beautiful thingThe_Glenlivet_73The_Glenlivet_74

On our last morning, after spending every last minute at the mansion, we then started the quick drive home to Tribeca with a couple of fun stops along the way.

The_Glenlivet_44 The_Glenlivet_47

We stopped in to the handmade craft town of Sugar Loaf where we bought homemade candles and soaps.

The_Glenlivet_48 The_Glenlivet_49 The_Glenlivet_50 The_Glenlivet_51 The_Glenlivet_52

Then we bounced over to Warwick where I bought a book on women photographers from this charming independent book shop and found the perfect 1900’s antique whiskey decanter and a new painting from here.The_Glenlivet_53 The_Glenlivet_54 The_Glenlivet_55The_Glenlivet_46

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17 thoughts on “Scotch in the Snow

  1. looks like the most fantastic weekend getaway of all times!! LOVE. Also, Thomas is super into scotch but I have yet to take the leap… but clearly I need to get on it so we can all enjoy some together next time I’m in NYC

    1. Our friends at The Glenlivet gave us an education on Scotch and walked us through all their offerings. I’m new to the scotch and whiskey world so The Glenlivet is the extent of my knowledge. I was super appreciative of their generosity though 🙂

  2. I love that you’ve shared a few photos of yourself and Kevin together… I know it must be rare being able to attain photos of the both of you together (since you are always the photographer), and these are such intimate and sweet ones!

    Also, a soaking tub with a fireplace right next to it?! That along with the rest of the mansion seems so dreamy! Hope you both enjoyed your weekend together, it seems like it was perfect!

    And good luck with Fashion week, looking forward to the photos, as always! <3

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