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When Tiffany & Co. approached us about shooting four influential New Yorkers to launch their new line of watches, Tiffany CT60, named after founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, we felt right away drawn to the project. First, we would get to know four inspiring, hardworking, visionaries that aid in the character this city is built upon. We would have intimate conversations about how we spend our time in this great city we call home and just what does a New York minute mean to them. Which each passing beat of time we measure into fleeting seconds, how much can you accomplish in a NY Minute? To celebrate the launch of Tiffany CT60, let’s spend some time together with these four astonishing New Yorkers.

Check out the video as we spend a day in each of these guy’s New York Minute…

Nick Wooster

free agent

“In my New York Minute I carry the trait of many New Yorkers by being able to do more in 60seconds here than in any other place in the planet. I pack so much into one min to make each second count.”

Nick_Wooster_01 Nick wears Tiffany CT60 Calendar Watch in 18k rose gold on black alligator strap

Alexander Gilkes

Auctioneer and Paddle8 Co-founder

“In my New York Minute I leave my fear of failure and embrace New York’s entrepreneurial spirit that is so deeply entrenched into the fabric of New York and our desire for self improvement and betterment. Salvador Dali said: If it doesn’t exist in New York, it doesn’t exist.”

Alexander_Gilkes_02 Alexander wears Tiffany CT60 3-Hand with white soliel dial on black alligator strap

Victor Cruz

wide receiver for the New York Football Giants

“In my New York Minute I bring the same drive and passion I put on the field to my time in New York. A true New Yorker pulls up their boots no matter what, you just do what you got to do.”

Victor_Cruz_03 Victor wears Tiffany CT60 Chronograph in stainless steel with blue soleil dial

Marcus Samuelsson

Chef, Author and Restaurateur

“In my New York Minute I remember why I came here, to be at the center of the culinary world, to feel the energy and be inspired by the artistic communities and ultimately spend my time having everyday experiences you can only find in New York to reinterpret into what I create”

Marcus_Samuelsson_04 Marcus wears Tiffany CT60 Chronograph in 18k rose gold with brown soleil dial on brown alligator strap


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  • theglamourai

    Great work friends! XOK

  • Oh Alexander… he’s quite the heartthrob. Loved the video! x

  • tahoe

    Such interesting, dynamic people. The video reflects the pace of life in New York.

  • Stu

    Classy gentlemen from diverse cultures that make up the great city. I wish Marcus could have passed the fabulous meal through my monitor.

  • Jane

    Really enjoyed the video with NewYork men who all are on the go. Always fun to see how great things are presented here.

  • Tarragona IN

    Great video, so beautiful. And thank you to show us how is the making off, because to make a 1 minute video, requires too much work behind. Congratulations!!!

  • Such a great video!!
    Love it!

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