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Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’Art collection


Chanel came to New York recently and transported us in only a way Chanel could: to an 18th-century castle in Salzburg, Austria. As CHANEL stated “The Paris-Salzburg collection was inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s contemporary take on Tyrolean tradition, Austrian history and Mademoiselle Chanel’s stay in Austria, which led to the creation of the iconic Chanel jacket.” In contrast to the tomboy elegance of daytime coats, the cocktail evening attire is delicately dramatic and feminine with those couture touches we learned about last October.

The Park Ave Armory was filled with banquettes of formal sofas, claw foot coffee tables with formal flower arrangements, crown molded walls and dimly lit sconces in a maze the models twisted and turned through, passed Beyoncé, in front of Anna, take a right at Pharell, and left by Dakota Johnson. It’s was grand and glam, opulent and who’s who… but isn’t it always when it’s for Chanel?

Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__03 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__04 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__05 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__06 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__07 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__08 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__09 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__10    Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__12    Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__14    Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__16 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__17 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__18 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__19 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__20    Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__22 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__23 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__24 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__25    Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__27 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__28 Paris-Salzburg_Chanel__29

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  • Jamie

    OH my WORD!!! A most ornate collection. What pleasure to the senses. Magnifique Chanel and Jamie!

  • Oh man! Look at all those details! xx

  • Bootylicious Queen

    is that Kendall Jenner and Cara Delavigne??? its so them

  • Wow, such a dream! Thank you for sharing the collection!


  • Great impressions! Thanks!

    Your Silk & Salt Team
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