Feria de Abril de Sevilla


Sometimes when you travel you happen upon magical moments which is precisely where I found myself on a recent trip to Seville. Once we arrived I noticed many of the women walking around town in gorgeous traditional Spanish dress. One thing led to another and here we were, standing in the middle of Seville’s “Feria de Abril“, Seville’s April Fair.

Lasting for six days these rows of “casetas” are built on the fairgrounds in which a parade of decorated carriages and riders trot back in forth in front of. Casetas, which are elaborately decorated tents, are each individually owned by families, groups of friends, prominent businesses, or political parties where inside Spaniards enjoy live music, traditional dance, rebjuito, and tapas.

It was a magical transition stepping into a world I’d never known or experienced, so rich in tradition and culture. I was an invisible witness as I wondered through with my camera, smiling the entire way.

Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_003 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_004 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_005 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_006 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_007 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_008 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_009 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_010 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_011 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_012 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_013 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_014 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_015 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_016 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_017 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_018    Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_022Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_021Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_023 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_024  Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_026 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_027 Feria_de_Abril_de_Sevilla_028

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  1. What beautiful colors everywhere. I love what the women did with their hair and with the flowers. Even the little girls looked wonderful in their dresses. You really captured the essence of Feria de Abril. The men looked good too but ….Oh those dresses!!

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