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Discovering Tulum has been on my list for a while now. My friend Claire, who I recently featured in a post about appreciating friends, wrote a perfect go-to guide to Tulum I’ve had bookmarked in my Travel Lust folder for a while now. When Pandora Jewelry reached out to me to bring to life their summer collection, some of which are inspired by palm leaves, I knew my dreams of Tulum would come true.

Traveling is always such an adventure. You have a mental image of what a place is going to be and then what it is in actuality once you get there. Tulum is that fantasy place, bohemian and still a bit wild so much that you can’t believe a place like this still exists. I’m sure 30 years ago it was even more authentic. Everything is a bit sandy, a lot of locals do not speak English, air conditioning doesn’t really exist, nor the need to wear shoes. In Tulum, you’re supposed to spend your days on the beach, keeping life simple and natural.

I chose three key pieces of Pandora Jewelry’s summer collection to take with me, the Tropical Palm RingTropical Palm Necklace and Tropicana charms which felt appropriate with their graphic leafy palm tree patterns that mimicked the canopy of leaves I quite often relaxed under as a respite from the afternoon sun. I love that now, since my return, when I look at these pieces I’m instantly transported back into that summery feeling from this Mexican oasis.

See my discovery of Tulum, what I wore, where we stayed and more below!


Above~ Waiting to go to dinner at Hartwood in Rachel Zoe’s Leona Ottoman Linen dress, with Pandora Jewelry’s Tropical Palm Ring, and Tropicana charm bracelet and all natural hand woven tote I picked up at Coqui Coqui. 


We stayed at the Papaya Playa Project which we enjoyed very much. It’s comprised of white adobe buildings you maze your way through. We had a “New Casita” which was a two floor loft facing the ocean with huge bathtub on the 2nd story porch

 Tulum_Mexico__05 Tulum_Mexico__06 Tulum_Mexico__07 Tulum_Mexico__08  Tulum_Mexico__01

Below~ Relaxing in the mid-afternoon in our Casita in Tibi Hanae Eyelet Midi Dress in Terracotta, Pandora Jewelry Tropical Palm RingTropical Palm Necklace and Tropicana charms 

Tulum_Mexico__10 Tulum_Mexico__11 Tulum_Mexico__12 Tulum_Mexico__13

Caught in the ocean breeze in a Tibi (remember when I went to Charleston with them?) wrap dress in Mizu Blue, Soludos slingback sandals, Pandora Tropical Palm Ring, and Tropicana charm 

Tulum_Mexico__14 Tulum_Mexico__15 Tulum_Mexico__16 Tulum_Mexico__17

Our favorite lunch spot in Tulum was at Coqui, Coqui which had light and fresh salads and amazing ceviche

Tulum_Mexico__18  Tulum_Mexico__20

Coqui Coqui is mostly known for their perfumery which focuses on bringing to life all the natural aromas of the Yucatan Peninsula. I purchased the Orange Blossom linen spray which I now ration feverishly because it’s the most heavenly thing to spray on your sheets before bed. Below, you can see more of their handcrafted items they offer in store. 

Tulum_Mexico__21 Tulum_Mexico__22 Tulum_Mexico__23

Above~ in the lobby of Coqui Coqui before lunch in a Creatures of the Wind (remember when I went to Provence with them?!) linen dress. 

Below~ Exploring the Mayan ruins.

Tulum_Mexico__24 Tulum_Mexico__25 Tulum_Mexico__26 Tulum_Mexico__27 Tulum_Mexico__28 Tulum_Mexico__29 Tulum_Mexico__30

I loved watching each sunset on the beach turn into a explosion of pinks, greens, purples and blues. Above in Tibi Momo Peach dress and Pandora Jewelry Tropical Palm Necklace

Tulum_Mexico__31 Tulum_Mexico__32 Tulum_Mexico__33 Tulum_Mexico__34 Tulum_Mexico__35 Tulum_Mexico__36 Tulum_Mexico__37

Above~ Kevin waits for a taxi pickup. You can get around Tulum by bike quite easily but for further distances it’s very easy to catch a cab. 

Below~ Wondering around our resort barefoot in a white Tibi wrap dress and Pandora Jewelry Tropical Palm RingTropical Palm Necklace and Tropicana charms

Tulum_Mexico__38 Tulum_Mexico__39 Tulum_Mexico__40 Tulum_Mexico__41

Below~ Details of the tropical inspired Pandora pieces I wore for our trip: Tropical Palm RingTropical Palm Necklace and Tropicana charms

Tulum_Mexico__42 Tulum_Mexico__43 Tulum_Mexico__44 Tulum_Mexico__45 Tulum_Mexico__46

Above~ The most recommended place in Tulum, Hartwood, lived up to its reputation. We loved it. I would say, the best ceviche of my life. Everything is cooked over an open fire you can watch, the cocktails are incredible and the menu is very limited, based on what is available for that day. You *must* make reservations which is done by showing up in person at 2pm and getting a time slot for that evening. There is no calling and if you’re late they are probably already booked for the night. 

Tulum_Mexico__47 Tulum_Mexico__48 Tulum_Mexico__49

Above & Below~ Waiting to go to dinner at Hartwood in Rachel Zoe’s Leona Ottoman Linen dress, with Pandora Jewelry’s Tropical Palm Ring, and Tropicana charm bracelet and all natural hand woven tote I picked up at Coqui Coqui. 


Below~ Snapshots from around town

Tulum_Mexico__52 Tulum_Mexico__53 Tulum_Mexico__54 Tulum_Mexico__55 Tulum_Mexico__56

This was one of Claire’s highly recommended places and she was right, they are the best fruit pops in the world at Flor de Michoacan. It was quite a long bike ride into town, however, you can check out all the little tourists shops where they sell hammocks and leather goods. 

Tulum_Mexico__57 Tulum_Mexico__58

Above~ Enjoying a Kiwi pop in a J.Crew shirt dress (I originally bought to wear in the Amazon) and Pandora Jewelry Tropicana charm bracelet

Tulum_Mexico__59  Tulum_Mexico__61  Tulum_Mexico__63

Thanks to PANDORA Universe for these amazing travel moments.

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  1. What a dreamy place Tulum is and can we please note how those Tibi dresses look like they were made for you!?

    These photographs have me craving the ocean water and the feel of sand beneath my toes…

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