Zac Posen & Ecco Domani


In a collaboration that launched last month, fashion designer Zac Posen dressed a limited edition Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio bottle in a whimsical floral design as bright and festive as the wine itself.

I sat down with the famous couture designer recently to get the story on how the collaboration came to be and the inspiration behind the design.


What is the idea behind the new label design for Ecco Domani’s Pinot Grigio?

“I wanted to work with the FLAVORS, play with the brightness and floral notes, something that would work in a more modern and decorative decor and something that says “party-time”. I also incorporated the actual Ecco logo into the design of the flowers and wanted to bring out the sparkling quality of it, the lightness and the flowers, something that picked up on metallic and something transparent to see the beautiful green color of the wine.”


Where did the design inspiration for the flowers come from?

“When I was at a flea market in Japan I found a beautiful floral obi textile I later redeveloped into a pattern we used in a collection a few years ago (see jacket below). The flowers are little reminders of the wild imagination and creation of nature. There is nothing more inspiring than the natural form. It is abstract and wild in terms of construction and as beautiful as it gets.”


How did the partnership with Ecco Domani come about?

“I was one of the first-ever Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation winners in 2002 and because of that I was able to find my first show which was a momentous moment for me. A year ago they approached me about designing a bottle and it was a natural extension because of my history with the brand and how much I love to cook and entertain. I played off the brightness and floral characteristics of the wine and in my design wanted to say party time and sparkle.”


Where does inspiration come from?

“An early morning flea market can become inspiration. It can come from anywhere – from women, from people…constantly. Those little things that you pick up, you collect and store them in a place in your brain, may then appear through your hands or through your vision in different places.”

Below- the limited edition bottle designed by Zac Posen just in time for summer entertaining.

Zac_Posen_Ecco_domani_007 Zac_Posen_Ecco_domani_008 Zac_Posen_Ecco_domani_009

What’s the key to entertaining guests at home?

Entertaining is sort of like putting on a mini fashion show. It is something that does take planning to do well and it is important to first to choose what you want to serve and make sure that it accommodates the guests that you are serving so everyone is comfortable. The key for good entertaining is to make people feel comfortable!

Zac_Posen_Ecco_domani_010 Zac_Posen_Ecco_domani_011

What are some entertaining tips?

Great entertainment should be an experience that breaks down walls and barriers, true entertaining should be pleasurable, especially in todays world. If you’re cooking yourself, a big tip is to find someone who can help you to serve, otherwise I think a buffet style is easier way to entertain. Decor and setting is important: set a beautiful table with fresh flowers and great plates. Crown it all with your beverages, such as a white wine for fish or light pasta.


Above & Below- flowers from Zac Posen’s favorite florist in New York, Zeze, are perfect examples of bouquets to dress your table with. 


“I love dreamers and theatricality, the theatricality of life. There should be a balance of innovation and imagination… experience is everything from what you wear to what you drink.”- Zac Posen



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  1. I can’t stop staring at the last photo… that portrait has got to be the BEST photo of Mr. Posen I have ever seen! So incredibly handsome. I also loved the image of the jacket; the fabric, pattern and cut are pure decadence! Then I had a moment of sadness realizing how in love I felt with something so financially unattainable for me. Whoever gets to wear that jacket is a very lucky girl!

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