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It came as no surprise to me when I caught wind that my friend Chelsa was starting a new makeup line. Her knowledge about beauty and products comes from years of being a makeup artist and working for brands such as Clinique and Bobbi Brown. I’ve personally worked with Chelsa many times on beauty stories in the past, remember when we did this tutorial on the bold lip or how to look “berry” romantic?…

So, I was curious, does the world need another line of makeup? 


but why?

Because our lives have changed from the sort of women who had time to sit at a formal vanity and “put on our face” to women who are now busier than ever, on the go, and care more about what products are made of than pretty packaging.

Chelsa explained to me, “The makeup industry is a bit in the dark. We all think about the food we eat and where it comes from now but we don’t ask ourselves, what’s in our makeup?” Part of Chesla’s initiative with Stowaway is to have those honest conversations about beauty products and educate women on what they are paying top dollar for and, this is something I never even thought about, that your makeup DOES expire. Would you drink expired milk? I don’t think so, so why is it ok to smear expired makeup on our skin?

Stowaway lets you never have to worry about your makeup expiring because it’s designed by size to be used up before that date approaches. It’s 1/2 the size, 1/2 the price and literally does all the thinking for you so you can concentrate on more important things like Barre Method at 7am, breakfast meeting at 9, getting through the workday, that social event after work, dinner with the love interest and some of you can throw a few kid’s schedules on top of that too right?… all the while looking great incase we come upon a perfect selfie moment.

Here is the other thing Chelsa educated me on-

The U.S. only bans 11 items from being allowed in cosmetics while Europe bans over 1,300! Stowaway  is committed to holding themselves to the highest standards in the beauty industry by following Europe’s lead and being EU compliant. When I asked her if the products were all-natural then she explained to me that “all-natural” isn’t exactly the answer but rather a trendy marketing term. I mean, Mc Donalds uses “all-natural” and sure potatoes come from the ground but….. ANYWAY. There are really great man-made advances in beauty that are 100% safe. Stowaway lists all the ingredients in each of their products HERE.

But what I love most about Stowaway personally is the size. They easily fit into your gym bag, clutch, purse, carry-on, camera bag, or pocket. In that beautiful minimalist approach to life we are now embracing (we’ve all read this by now right?) I can pack the Stowaway kit of their 6 go-to basics and find myself free to focus on life, wherever the day may take me.

Since we are being super honest here I opted to NOT beauty retouch Chesla’s skin into some sort of idea of beauty industry perfection so you can see the real product in action, the way we actually look IRL. Also, full disclosure, I was not paid for this post, I am 100% in love with Stowaway #fangirl and all my friends are too. So, this is just a love letter.

Here’s the real pretty part: Chelsa broke it down into three different looks using only three products to get the woman on the go through our busy day-


The Post Workout Look


1. Creaseless Concealer

2. Radiant Complextion Beauty Balm

3. Defined Lash Mascara


For a post workout quick natural beauty fix to get you out of the gym and into your day Chelsa suggests starting with the Creaseless Concealer under the eyes or on trouble spots (above) followed by applying their hydrating Radiant Complextion Beauty Balm over the face as desired (below)

Stowaway_cosmetics_005 Stowaway_cosmetics_006 Stowaway_cosmetics_007

Since your cheeks are probably naturally flush from your workout you can embrace your real blush tone and finish your face with a quick flick of Stowaway’s Defined Lash Mascara. Natural beauty inside and out!

For me personally this is now my everyday go-to face which allows me to get ready in a jiffy and have a nice neutral base to build upon later in the day depending on my plans.


The post- flight touch up


1. Creaseless Concealer

2. Cheek & Lip Rouge in Burnt Rose

3. Creme Lipstick in Scarlett


Usually when we walk off a plane these days we are running todo something and here is what Chelsa suggests for looking fresh off a flight. First, touch up any trouble spots or dull skin with the Creaseless Concealer. Then, refresh the face with a new application of Cheek Rouge (which can also be used as a lip balm).

Stowaway_cosmetics_011 Stowaway_cosmetics_012

The finishing touch to looking fresh faced and polished is a swipe of Creme Lipstick in a bold color such as Scarlet. Stowaway_cosmetics_013

The Going Out at Night TransitionStowaway_cosmetics_014

1. Effortless Eyeliner

2. Extreme Lash Mascara

3. Creme Lipstick in Champagne


 You’ve been moving through your day with the natural post-workout face and it’s time to step it up for night. These three simple, petite products you can easily store at your desk are all you need to pivot your look in a couple of mins. First, Chelsa lines her top lid with Stowaway’s Effortless Eyeliner in Spice which she transitions into a smoky eye by blending it into her lid with the tip of her finger (below).

Stowaway_cosmetics_016 Stowaway_cosmetics_017

For more drama, she suggests a bolder lash line which is easily achieved with a few strokes of Stowaway’s Extreme Lash Mascara. The finishing touch- a Creme Lipstick named appropriately, Champagne. Stowaway_cosmetics_018Stowaway_cosmetics_019

After I finished this shoot I went home and threw away all my old makeup (goodbye expired brown lipstick from the 90s) and embraced a new idea toward beauty. One that fits my real lifestyle.

PS- If you’re in NYC sign up for their mailing list as they have events from time to time where you can meet the founders Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson, ask questions about makeup and try out their products for yourself. 

13 thoughts on “The Stowaway

  1. I recently learned of Stowaway (before you posted this, but this makes it even better). I ditched all of my old cosmetics in recent years and have been seeking out products that are high quality, but adhere to the EU standards because I am appalled at what the US beauty industry allows in its products.
    I have not yet ordered Stowaway, but I 110% intend to in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to get my hands on these products! I think that they are the perfect size, they have elegant packaging, and they measure up to my own strict standards. Like you, I have tried to pare down my look and my routine, opting for something simple, fresh and elegant, and Stowaway looks like it fits the bill for me
    I’m even more anxious to order and start using them after seeing them in use in your post, which is now being bookmarked in my email!

  2. Love the looks! Wearable and sophisticated.
    Stowaway seems like my kind of company!

    What shade did you choose for the beauty balm and concealer? I’m having trouble deciding!

  3. I am just about out of my current stash of make-up and plan to try Stowaway! I have a 4 month year old baby and work full time and a simple, effective make-up line that meets my on-the-go (translation: 5 minutes for beauty routine these days) lifestyle is so incredibly appealing! So excited!!!!!!

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