Come Sail Away…

Ecco_Domani_Sailing_01 On a recent trip to Nantucket I wanted to take Kevin on a surprise date, something that felt local to the place but personal to our life. I love to sail and when we walked by the gorgeous boat The Endeavor I knew that was it. Considering how much we travel, I’m always looking for ways to make a place feel reminiscent to home. Though I couldn’t make a home cooked meal, I wanted to fill his soul in just the same way. I love a beautiful red wine in the fall and having just received a few bottles of Ecco Domani Merlot I brought them with us on our Nantucket getaway. I tried to think of something I could put together that wouldn’t require access to a kitchen and found a local market stocked with cheeses from Vermont, freshly made lobster salad, my favorite kind of almonds and beautiful grapes. I popped into one of those tourists shops and purchased a cheese board covered in all things Nantucket which I would typically never do, however, we found the enthusiasm for this place expressed on a cutting board quite charming and now back in New York I see it in the kitchen and think back on this perfect afternoon date, sailing around the harbor watching boats bob in place and flags dancing in the autumn sun.

I think it’s important to find ways to enjoy simple pleasures, carving out time in our crazy fast lives. A bottle of wine and a simple picnic on land or sea is an easy and effortless way to make memories with the ones you love. We enjoyed lunch in the smooth waters of the inlet before our captain took us out sailing the sound. Mostly though, we sipped our Ecco Domani Merlot and welcomed fall though the rippling sound of ocean waves.


Though Ecco Domani’s Merlot pairs well with foods like tomato-based pastas and grilled meats, I found the blackberry flavors of this wine went perfectly with a classic cheese plate. Simple rule of thumb is one hard cheese, one soft, one fruit, one nut, crackers and – in most cases – a cured meat, which I opted out for locally made lobster salad. Though we ate before we hoisted up the sails, it was still a good idea to have stemless wine glasses, which I borrowed from our hotel.

    Ecco_Domani_Sailing_03 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_04 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_05     Ecco_Domani_Sailing_08 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_09   Ecco_Domani_Sailing_10    Ecco_Domani_Sailing_07 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_12   Ecco_Domani_Sailing_14 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_15 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_06 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_16 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_17 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_18 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_19 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_20 Ecco_Domani_Sailing_21

This post was sponsored by Ecco Domani

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  • Your afternoon date looks like a dream! I wish I could bring you along to capture my dates so beautifully!

    Allison @

    • OOOO! FUN!!! 😀 Does this mean we all get to go sailing again? #please

  • Natacha

    I love your blog, but this time I think I could feel the advert behind a bit too much :-(

    • Thanks Natacha. You are correct, it is a sponsored post (stated at the bottom), but I really enjoy the fun creative challenge to do something authentic to our life with it and hopefully share something meaningful even if a brand as wonderful as Ecco Domani is behind it. Thanks for checking in and letting me share stories with you. :)

  • So lovely day:)

  • Judging from the huge grin on Kevin’s face, you did a great job! I think the cheese board is adorable, and a great memory to take with you wherever you go.

    • hahhaahha, yes. He was a happy camper :)

  • Tarragona IN
    • and so local to the culture right?! That boat… dreamy.

  • Such a sweet and thoughtful birthday gift!

    Also… you just HAVE to know that your cover photo on this story immediately brought to mind this photograph:

    Such class, the both of you! <3

  • Oh Jamie! You have me dreaming of Nantucket! Absolutely beautiful! And I love to hear your take on making something feel like home when you travel. What a lovely idea.

  • Jamie

    Love the hues in these images. Dreamy.

  • As usual, I have enjoyed this post as I do most. But I have just a question, not a criticism. I have always assumed that many of your posts are native advertising such as this “sponsored” post. Am I wrong? It makes no difference to me, but I am curious. Continue the great work!