Nantucket, MA

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Perfect weekend getaway travel bags: above Hartmann tweed legacy duffel, below Monogrammed Cuyana Weekender for him and classic leather tote in navy (which is a brighter blue than traditional navy) for me. 

Nantucket_17 Nantucket_18 Nantucket_19 Nantucket_20 Nantucket_21 Nantucket_22 Nantucket_23 Nantucket_24 Nantucket_25 Nantucket_26 Nantucket_27 Nantucket_28 Nantucket_29 Nantucket_30

All the stripe shirts! I bought a couple of these in preparation for this trip which has a great storyNantucket_31 Nantucket_32 Nantucket_33 Nantucket_34 Nantucket_35 Nantucket_36 Nantucket_37