It’s a CHANEL world


I like the idea of rejecting winter. While talking one morning with the team at CHANEL about the launch of their eyewear e-commerce for the US I started dreaming about those sunny resort days ahead when you desperately crave warm golden light and any color besides gray. Once I was driving with a friend in the early spring and she laughed at me as I starred glassy eyed out the window and said “I miss the color green.”

It’s just that simple.

So let’s bring resort to us. In a beautiful explosion of color lost in the concrete industrial vault of Brooklyn, Juliane, our exotic CHANEL flower, paints a trail of prismacolor like an escaped wildflower from some tropical distant land, bringing back to life the sticky memories of warm days past and all that there is to look forward to when we bloom to our fullest beauty again.

CHANEL_Resort_02 CHANEL_Resort_03 CHANEL_Resort_04

Bring resort to you- CHANEL just launched eyewear e-commerce in the US with runway frames as seen here to more classic styles for year round. 

CHANEL_Resort_05 CHANEL_Resort_06 CHANEL_Resort_07 CHANEL_Resort_08 CHANEL_Resort_09 CHANEL_Resort_10 CHANEL_Resort_11 CHANEL_Resort_12 CHANEL_Resort_13

Juliane Rossi wears CHANEL Cruise 2015 / 16 collection and Round Runway Eyewear // Styled by Kelly Framel //Hair & Makeup by Porsche Cooper // Shot in Bushwick, Brooklyn




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