Snapshots from Guatemala


I love that moment on a plane when  you begin your final descent into a new country and you catch that first glance down onto foreign soil. What are the colors? How is the light? What does the landscape look like? I’ll never forget watching the sunrise over the flat dusty plains as I touched down in Africa, or seeing the Patagonian glaciers of Chile streaked in time. Looking at Guatemala from that little frame, I was enchanted with the layers of volcanoes dancing along the horizon line of a setting sun.


It was just a weekend getaway, a short stop through Antigua, one of the most beautiful and romantic places I’ve ever seen. We didn’t have time to wander around, but I swore I would come back someday to photograph it and stay at the heartbreakingly beautiful Meson Panza Verde. We had a late dinner there on our last night in Guatemala where I discovered its enchantment. From there, we ventured around the lakeside town of Panajachel where the fashion accessory brand Mercado Global‘s design offices are located. The purpose of this trip was to discover the craftsmanship behind these artisanal bags. We spent a little time in Santiago Atitlan and in the hillside town of Santa Catarina Palapo where we slept in a dream villa.

I have many takeaways from Guatemala. The fruit is incredible. The people, so petite, have beautiful traditions they keep despite the reach of globalization. I loved comparing their dress to how the Peruvian women dress, each in their specific way. The colors in their clothing are mimicked in the textiles of the market and in the lush landscape, bursting with flowers in hues of sherbet orange and hot fuchsia. As we wandered through the old colonial built towns, there was the distinctive sound of women’s hands patting out corn tortillas. I’ll never forget the way they tasted hot off the griddle. I loved how drivers would honk as a courtesy, a way to say thank you. Perhaps my favorite feature of this beautiful country though are her volcanoes. It had not been since Bali that I found myself gazing upon such a scene. Every day brought a new view: sometimes we spotted smoke billowing from the top of a volcano, sometimes we admired their silhouettes against a setting sun. I found them a constant reminder that the earth is alive beneath our feet, and as I stood in Guatemala, I was reminded of how alive I am, too.

Guatemala_003 Guatemala_004 Guatemala_005 Guatemala_006  Guatemala_008 Guatemala_009 Guatemala_010 Guatemala_011 Guatemala_012 Guatemala_013

Above, visiting a traditional housing community in the country in Rodebjer in Irene fringe dress and Maiyet desert sandal

Guatemala_014 Guatemala_015 Guatemala_016 Guatemala_017

Above, visiting the popular (and best) coffee shop in the lake side town of Panajachel, Cafe Loco. The coffee made with coconut milk is AMAZING.

Guatemala_018 Guatemala_019 Guatemala_020

Above, ordering a Michelada from a street cart vender in the market. Michelada is a popular Latin American drink which consists of mostly beer with tomato juice, lime juice, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. It’s kind of like a fizzy, lighter version of a Bloody Mary and perfect for sipping in the afternoon. 

Guatemala_021 Guatemala_022 Guatemala_023 Guatemala_024

Above, Kelly explores the markets of Panajachel in a RIXO constellation dress and WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie backpack

Guatemala_025 Guatemala_026 Guatemala_027 Guatemala_028 Guatemala_029 Guatemala_030 Guatemala_031 Guatemala_032  Guatemala_034

Above, Kelly explores a town square in KAELEN printed silk cotton bell sleeve shirt dress

 Guatemala_036 Guatemala_037 Guatemala_038 Guatemala_039

Above, admiring the traditional dress of the Tz’utujil men in Santiago Atitlán.

Below, in C.F. Goldman linen cuffed shirt dress. 

Guatemala_040 Guatemala_041 Guatemala_042 Guatemala_043 Guatemala_044 Guatemala_045 Guatemala_046 Guatemala_047 Guatemala_048  Guatemala_050 Guatemala_051 Guatemala_052

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  1. Rustic charm and beautiful people, Guatemala seems like a vibrant country with so much culture and tradition. These photographs transport me to a land with fresh dirt under my feet and the scent of lush greens in the air…

    PS – could you and Kelly give us all some insider tips on always looking perfect?! The photo of you in the cuffed dress has to be one of my new favorites of you, you’re glowing!

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