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When Mercado Global emailed to see if I would be interested in visiting the communities of their local artisans in Guatemala, I knew it would allow me to gain a greater knowledge as to what goes into their products. Opening yourself up to experiences like these means the world around you changes. Your association with products is affected by sentimental value but goes beyond sales and trends when you understand the craftsmanship that goes into a product: like when I watched how they painstakingly make CHANEL couture or viewed the tiny delicate details of Chopard’s high jewelry making. Once you peek at the process behind the curtain, you understand how important craftsmanship and expertise is.

These women are experts in the traditional Mayan weaving process, an age-old tradition passed down through generations. What Mercado Global helps them achieve is not only preservation of an ancient artistry, but a partnership that empowers women to break the cycle of poverty by helping them run their own independent business. This opportunity creates sustainable livelihoods for their families and can help turn around entire communities.

One woman I spoke with said her husband was in an accident and was unable to work. Being the only source of income, she had to find a way to support her family. Though the business model set up by Mercado Global, she was able to buy a loom and begin producing fabrics such as the ones you see here which are then purchased by Mercado Global. The artisans do not work exclusively with Mercado Global; once they own the loom they can sell their designs to a newly available international market they once had no access to. On her single income, this woman we spoke to was able to pay for all seven of her children to go to school. On average, these Mayan artisans make three times the national average wage of Guatemalans. These women are changing the culture by being business owners and major contributors to their local community, which gives them the power and tools to fight against major issues like female violence, malnutrition, and illiteracy. Mercado Global not only sets these women up for a viable future but also goes into the communities with programs to educate them on financial management, heath and wellness, and nutrition.

There is now a network of over 400 women artisans in over 40 cooperatives throughout the rural highlands of Guatemala. Below are images from the small town of Comolapa we visited, watching as the artisans worked in a weaving cooperative on floor looms, making fabric by hand that would ultimately become the perfect market tote or evening clutch… but this time, with a story of change. I love carrying mine around the city, feeling the fabric under my fingers and the spirit of these women inspiring me to take control of life while being an expert in my artistry.

Mercado_Global_003  Mercado_Global_005  Mercado_Global_007 Mercado_Global_008 Mercado_Global_009 Mercado_Global_010 Mercado_Global_011 Mercado_Global_012 Mercado_Global_013

Above, inspired by ancient Mayan weaving, the master weaver creates a signature black and white pattern Mercado Global calls Sol y Sombra and plays off the Mayan culture of emerging from darkness to light. 

Below, with one of the black and white totes outside Mercado Global‘s Guatemalan office in Panajachel.

Mercado_Global_014 Mercado_Global_018

Above, stacks of the fabric designs made by different Mayan artisans in communities around western Guatemala wait to be assembled into bags. 

Below, a 17 year old artisan makes a traditional Mayan floral weave on a backstrap loom to be created into a belt or top as we saw many of the local women wearing on our journey around the country. Using this weaving technique, artisans will create more intricate designs with, for example, birds in the pattern. They also use this style of weaving to make quick samples of patterns before committing to the time consuming set up of the floor loom as seen early in this story. 

Mercado_Global_015 Mercado_Global_016 Mercado_Global_017  Mercado_Global_019 Mercado_Global_020 Mercado_Global_021

Above~ rolls of indigo dyed fabrics wait to be created into handbags at the Mercardo Global office, such as the one Kelly is holding below.


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