Casa Palopo


Carved into the side of a mountain, high atop Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan, sits the tranquil yet stylish Casa Palopo. The boutique luxury resort consists of only 7 rooms with the crown jewel being the villa on the highest perch, a perfect home to share with girlfriends or a small traveling group. The picturesque pool, the outdoor fireplaces, and the one-of-a-kind decor, with many items imported from Africa, make this a total fantasy of living. From veranda to veranda it’s impossible to feel stress here when all your eyes gaze upon is a view of nature’s spectacular show.

I wish I could have spent a thousand nights here, tucked away into the side of the hill, spending my days painting the ever changing colors of the sky and feeling the beauty of life discovered in Guatemala.

Casa_Palopo005 Casa_Palopo006

Kelly wears a dress by Jonathan Cohen, belt purchased from a local Guatemalan market

Casa_Palopo007 Casa_Palopo008 Casa_Palopo009 Casa_Palopo024

Enjoying the view in a dress by Jonathan Cohen.

Casa_Palopo010 Casa_Palopo011 Casa_Palopo012 Casa_Palopo013 Casa_Palopo014 Casa_Palopo015 Casa_Palopo016 Casa_Palopo017 Casa_Palopo004Casa_Palopo018 Casa_Palopo019 Casa_Palopo020 Casa_Palopo021  Casa_Palopo003Casa_Palopo023

Morning coffee on the veranda in Anna Sammarone wrap day gown. 

Casa_Palopo025 Casa_Palopo026 Casa_Palopo022Casa_Palopo027 Casa_Palopo028 Casa_Palopo029Casa_Palopo030

Sister secrets in Tanya Taylor  

Casa_Palopo031 Casa_Palopo032

Afternoon light in the blue room in KAELEN

Casa_Palopo033 Casa_Palopo034 Casa_Palopo035 Casa_Palopo036 Casa_Palopo037

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