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Aside from photography there is one other subject I know quite a bit about: travel. I’ve done it until in tears, I’ve gone first class, by bus and train, and around again. One thing I’ve learned to do to make the whole experience less wrecking is to pack yourself an amazing amenities kit. The first thing I do when I get on a plane is to go through this process step by step to prepare myself for the flight and make the area around me (smell) more comfortable.

The most damaging aspect to travel is drying your skin out. Airplanes are the worst with their lack of humidity. I first started making my own amenities kit after traveling to Morocco with Kelly and she taught me the ways of surviving international coach with all the luxurious products we could possible slather on. And hey – anything to pass the time is always a good tip.

Here is what I’m currently carrying on these days while I bounce around from L.A. to Savannah to Telluride and beyond!


The Amenities

1. I love a good hydrating face mask. I don’t wear makeup, other than a little mascara on shorter flights, so I can keep hydrating my skin as much as possible. A great leave-on face mask is my favorite trick especially on overnight flights or long hauls across the states. SKIN INC has a pure deepsea hydrating mask that is clear which is amazing.

2. Lips. I’m obsessed with rose based lip products. The most moisturizing and luxurious is Baume de Rose By Terry. First introduced to me by one of Beyoncé’s makeup artists, I’ve since been a loyal follower. It is one of the more expensive products but it lasts forever and I swear by it. It the last thing I put on before bed and the first thing when I wake up and is a MUST in any dry travel situation. My other lip obsession is Aerin’s Rose Lip Conditioner. With a slight natural pink tint to it, this is the tube I carry with me all day for a more enhanced natural lip in place of lipstick. It’s FABULOUS.


3. Before I do anything, or touch my face, I use Aesop’s Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash to clean my hands… and there is something about airplane bathroom water for washing your hands that is gross to me.



4. The all purpose rose balm by Aerin goes everywhere with me. You can use it on your eyes lips, face and my favorite purpose: cuticles.


5. Caudalie beauty elixir is a floral burst pick-me up! Not only does the smell just make life so much better, it lifts your spirits and refreshes your skin.



6. It looks like a phone cord (ew, remember those?!) but it’s actually a traceless hair tie I like to throw my hair up with on flights into a messy bun. It doesn’t leave a dint or cause breakage and by the end of the journey when you take your hair down you’ll have a beautiful body wave.



7. Though I love a matte red lip, post flight my lips can’t take a dry application such as that. I have really been loving a natural and chic lipgloss to give moisture but also a look, my current favorite “Modern” by Chantecaille.



8. Even though I’m used to traveling now and have it down to a smooth system I can still find it stressful. I find that putting Tata Harper’s Aromatic Street Treatment on my pulse points keeps my heart palpations in check and makes a pleasant subtle scent in a typically not so pleasant environment.


9. Post flight sometimes I like to polish up before heading out the jetway. I find a decorative hair tie to be a quick and easy way to look pulled together after a long flight like this and this.




10 & 11. Calling cards and scented cards. On a recent trip to Guatemala, Kelly taught me about Santa Maria Novella‘s scented papers that come in a little gum stick box and you can disperse throughout your bags, carry on, inside your luggage. Kelly even sticks one in her bra! It’s really wonderful each time you open a travel case to have a traditional Florence scent tickle your senses. I also carry a little matchbook sized box of identity cards with just my social handle created by Thornwillow.




12. A travel must is always a good pair of sunnies, especially when exiting the airplane. I typically choose one style to wear based on my destination and vibes. For L.A. it was Ray Ban Round Metal Classics, in Telluride (below) it was my Ralph Lauren Pilot Sunglasses and currently in Savannah, where I am writing this, I am living in my Cutler and Gross classic frames which they have been making since the 80’s.





13. Keeping it all organized in Cuyana’s monogrammed leather travel case. From the set, I use the little guy for my carry on amenities kit and the larger one for my bathroom beauty supplies and makeup in my checked bag.




14. Noise canceling headphones, I could not, would not, will not ever travel without these again.


15. A penny for your thoughts, a journal to keep them in. I love my Carpe Diem by Monica Rich Kosann.




16. The backpack. I’ve recently fallen in love with traveling handsfree and loooooove the simplicity of my Mansur Gavriel mini backpack!



…and for heaven’s sake, get TSA Precheck / Global Entry!

Of course, the most important thing of all, a camera! Go, see, capture.

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          1. I would recommend breaking the country down. Either do the golden triangle (Jaipur-Delhi-Agra) or a city in the south or do Mumbia and Goa. You won’t be able to do the entire/most of the country unless you go for a long time, but I’m sure you know that. Also, hire someone to show you around or join a tour. It’s safe for the most part, but there’s just massive haggling and tourists are targeted for paying too much for things, etc. Things get convoluted and overwhelming if you’re on your own. Even my family hires a driver and guide when I’m there and I go back often.

    1. Thanks so much. I have been longing to shoot more film these days and I didn’t know if it would be strange to tell this story mixed film and digital but I tried it anyway. Thank you for the feedback. X

  1. I really need to try out the face mask (I have the driest skin and am constantly looking for a way to keep my face and hands hydrated on long flights!) and the lip balm. You know I love following along on your adventures, and these travel tips and tricks are so handy and helpful!

      1. I haven’t mostly because I’m afraid that they’ll just leave my face/hands greasy and not feeling refreshed and hydrated.. but if you have any recommendations for ones that work for you/dry skin, I’d definitely love to try!

        1. I’m experimenting with them now. So far I have been liking them at night so my skin has enough time to absorb. I just discovered a new brand called BUTTER I’m waiting to try out too. Right now I have been using Chantecaille’s rose de mai.

  2. This is really wonderful – thank you for the great tips! I’ve been a Caudalie Beauty Elixir fan for YEARS. It’s essential in my life. I am absolutely going to check out those little Santa Maria Novella papers because who doesn’t need a reminder of Florence every time they open their amenities bag?

    1. Me too on the Caudalie beauty! SO GOOD. Have you ever tried Chantecaille’s Pure Rosewater? Not for travel because it’s too big, delicate and expensive but I have this at home and it’s the most luxurious thing that makes my skin glow amazing.

      The Santa Maria Novella papers are not available online (that I could find) I’m not sure where you live, but in NYC they sell them in their Soho store. I love them!

      1. I’ve never tried Chantecaille’s Pure Rosewater, but I may need to splurge on something soon.
        I’m in Pittsburgh, so I doubt I can find the Santa Maria Novella papers here; however, I WILL be in New York at the end of April, so I’m adding the Soho store to my list of to-do’s! Thank you for the tip!

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