Deer Mountain

It’s always amazing to me how quickly you can go from New York City to quiet, pristine, lush nature. On one of the last weekends of winter, a group of friends met on 15th & 8th under the hustle of city life blanketed blanketed by the sounds of cabs honking and the last few snowflakes of the season kissing my rosey cheeks. We piled into the car, cranked on some Chris Stapleton and headed north up the Hudson River until we reached that final winding road that led us climbing high top the waterfalls and forests until we reached our weekend sanctuary, Deer Mountain.

With only six rooms, this boutique lodge nestled in 168 wooded acres balances the historic rustic nature of the original building from the 1880’s with its modern luxurious updates and amenities. Even though the charming town of Tannersville, with its own set of restaurants, shopping and activities is at the base of Deer Mountain, the inn is set up so you don’t have to leave, if you’re simply looking for a restorative weekend to relax, like I am.

I love places like this. Charm, character, and no two rooms alike. I like a place that tells a story, that leaves an imprint on your memory that can only belong to that one place and when you revisit the moments in your mind you are quickly carried away in the currents back to a place and time with its own particular feel, smell, taste, and warmth. Deer Mountain will always sound like the laughter of friends, smell like a roaring campfire, taste like bespoke cocktails and feel like a special home away from home, where you can sink into bed at night knowing all the stars are watching over you in that clear mountain sky.



Deer_Mountain_04 Deer_Mountain_06 Deer_Mountain_07 Deer_Mountain_08 Deer_Mountain_09 Deer_Mountain_10 Deer_Mountain_11 Deer_Mountain_12 Deer_Mountain_13 Deer_Mountain_14 Deer_Mountain_15 Deer_Mountain_16 Deer_Mountain_17 Deer_Mountain_18 Deer_Mountain_20 Deer_Mountain_21 Deer_Mountain_22 Deer_Mountain_23 Deer_Mountain_24 Deer_Mountain_25 Deer_Mountain_26 Deer_Mountain_27 Deer_Mountain_28 Deer_Mountain_29 Deer_Mountain_30 Deer_Mountain_31 Deer_Mountain_32

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  • Dressed With Soul

    Such an amazing place – not only for a short trip :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • What a special place to celebrate the last chilly nights of winter! It looks like you guys had a great time, and I’ll have to add this one to the travel bucket list!

  • OMG am I right in assuming that is Bunny?! PS – LOVE these cozy photos <3 x

  • Jamie

    OH! LOVE them all.