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I was recently out in Brooklyn visiting with a girlfriend who works in fashion PR. These girls always know what’s cool and true to form she walked in the door and I obsessed over her shoes and bag. “Where are they from?” I asked, “Loeffler Randall“. Of course they are.

It seems almost every time I love a New York girlfriend’s shoes they are Loeffler Randall. I myself am a fan girl… I’ve worn them to the beach, at southern mansion cocktail parties, and over coffee in L.A. They are easy and cool. Quality and comfortable. Or, as the founder and designer Jessie Randall puts it, “understated, elegant, effortless.” I stopped by their Soho studio to see what’s new this summer, what I will be lusting after like those red strappy heels above… UGH sooo good. And to talk with the beautiful designer herself only to realize, the products are good because the soul of the designer is too…

10 Questions with LOEFFLER RANDALL‘s President and Creative Director Jessie Randall 


If you could give advise to yourself 10 years ago when you started Loeffler Randall, what would it be?

JR: Hire a merchandiser. Stop being so hard on yourself!

Above, Jessie wears Arbella Platform Sandal with Drawstring Tote in her Soho office. 


Where do you find inspiration? 

JRI find it everywhere – especially in craft techniques and doing crafts myself, art, furniture and I love love love ceramics. 

Loeffler_Randall_05 Loeffler_Randall_06

What one famous person has worn your shoe where you had a holy-cow moment? 

JRRoz Chast

Above, Drawstring Tote & Flap Bucket bag // Below, Bo Tassel Wrap sandal

Loeffler_Randall_07 Loeffler_Randall_08

Above, tasseled leather shoulder bag // Below, Jessie carries her Flap Bucket bag


Have you ever designed a shoe that looking back on now you think is horrid? 

JR: Too many to count. But there are many that hold up – I look back and I still love them. 


Above, Ambra Lace-up flat // Below, Tassel pouchLoeffler_Randall_11

Who is your favorite fashion designer or brand?

JR: I love the store Bird in Brooklyn. It basically sells every single brand that I love and admire. 

Loeffler_Randall_12 Loeffler_Randall_13

What is the one thing Loeffler Randall is most known for?

JR: We make shoes and bags for women who lead dynamic lives. I love that we’re known for being the kind of brand that’s still discoverable and not ubiquitous, we’re the best kept secret of girls in the know… and we like that.


Above, Suede backpack & Mini backpack // Below, Alfie Espadrille sneaker // Hadley Tassel clog

Loeffler_Randall_15 Loeffler_Randall_16

What’s one thing about running a fashion design business that took you by surprise? 

JR: I was surprised by how kind and lovely and supportive most people in this industry are. You look at the way fashion is portrayed in movies and pop culture as back stabbing and heartless, vapid and cruel, but I have found just the opposite – so many talented, brilliant women who are also really good people at heart. 

Below, Minette High Platform Wedge


You work with your husband who is your business partner and a former advertising creative director. What are some of the challenges to working with your husband? How do you make it work?

JR: Challenges happen when we both feel passionately about something creative and don’t see eye to eye. I try to remind myself that it’s just because we both care so much. Luckily at the end of the day we have very similar gut instincts and we usually come to the best solution. 


Favorite place to eat in Soho?

JR: Balthazar and Jack’s Wife Freda

Below, Prue D’Orsay Flat

Loeffler_Randall_19 Loeffler_Randall_20One reason why you love New York?

JR: The world’s chicest craft store is around the corner from my office – Purl Soho.

Above, Jessie wears a dress by Self Portrait  // Below, Ella Stacked Heel Bootie


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