A Chateau in France


I can’t say much about this place… it was a private residence and a bit of a mystery. We were invited to a dinner at a chateau in France to celebrate CHANEL’s new interpretation of their classic No. 5 perfume. A short drive from the rose fields of Grasse, we turned up a long winding old road, climbing up the side of a hill until we emerged on a plateau of walled gardens and ivy covered archways. It was magnificent. I was never able to find out who lived here or what the history was of this estate but perhaps I enjoy it more for what remains a mystery. It is in the not knowing that my imagination can run free… and you can guess, that’s a wonderful place to be.


Ralph Lauren silk dress and heels, Maiyet blazer, Hourglass lips

A_Chateau_in_France_03 A_Chateau_in_France_04 A_Chateau_in_France_08

Stephanie Liu in Alexis gown and CHANEL bag

A_Chateau_in_France_06   A_Chateau_in_France_10 A_Chateau_in_France_09 A_Chateau_in_France_05 A_Chateau_in_France_11    A_Chateau_in_France_14 A_Chateau_in_France_15 A_Chateau_in_France_13 A_Chateau_in_France_16 A_Chateau_in_France_17 A_Chateau_in_France_12 A_Chateau_in_France_18 A_Chateau_in_France_19    A_Chateau_in_France_21

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  • Archana

    I do not think I have ever seen you in a leather jacket. Are they your style ? I would love to see how you pair an elegant dress with a leather jacket ( someday ).

    – Archana.

    • No, I’ve never worn a leather jacket…. not against it- maybe someday! :)

  • Natacha

    I’m pretty sure it’s the château Diter. Your pictures are amazing as always ! If you love castles, I suggest you to google “château de la Rocq”, “château de la forêt”/ château Moulbaix” (amazing pictures have been made from urbex people) and “château corroy-le-château” (very old).

    • Hi Natacha-

      Oh my goodness, thank you for this information! I have started a search on all these places and I hope to photograph them someday. Much appreciated!

  • Gah this looks incredible! Yours and Stephanie’s outfits are stunning! x

  • absolutely breathtaking. thanks for sharing! xo

    Cathclaire | The Crystal Press

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